Chapter 17 - whiskey and sex

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Just a little heads up for anyone who isn't comfortable reading any sexual content just be aware that in this chapter there is heavy sexual activity. So if reading that sort of stuff isn't your thing then you can go ahead and skip this. I'll love you either way<3



"Are you guys just ignoring the fact that I'm bloody standing out here having to piss or what!?", Ron yelled jiggling the doorknob.

Fred flared his nostrils and curled his lip upwards in frustration. Ember silently pushed herself off the counter and picked up her underwear from the floor. Right as her fingers grasped the small laced panties, Fred grabbed her wrist, "Don't think that just because this git is ruining the moment that it won't happen later, because it is going to", he whispered.

Ember's heart fluttered as she gave a small nod to him. She turned her head towards the jiggling door handle, "Can you wait a fucking second Ronald?!"

The door knob suddenly stopped moving, "Okay finally one of you guys said something, what took so long for-", Ron's eyes went wide and a big grin spread across his face, "Are you two fuckin' in there?", he said letting a small laugh slip out.

Fred quietly buckled his belt, "Just tell him a lie or something"

Ember nodded her head while she watched Fred apperate out of the bathroom. She hurriedly threw on her blouse and pants and made sure nothing was left in the bathroom that there was any evidence that anything happened, before opening the door that held a wide-grinning faced Ron.

Ember shook her head and squeezed past his figure that was trying to block the doorway, "Fred wasn't even with me in there you wanker"

"You think I couldn't hear that loud crack from outside this thin door?", said Ron tracing the lines on the bathroom door.

Ember's face went red, she turned to face him and shut her eyes in embarrassment, "Ron please don't-"

"I'm not going to go telling everyone it's okay Ember", he said walking over and putting a hand on her shoulder.

Gusts of relief wafted through Ember, "Oh my god thank you. But don't tell Fred that you know, because that would just be weird"

Ron nodded his head but lifted his finger up as if wanting to say something else, "One thing though . .  ."

Ember half way down the stairs, backtracked a few steps and leaned back to look at Ron, "Mhmm?"

"Did you two shag on that counter?", he said making a face while pointing into the bathroom.

Ember rolled her eyes, "Oh piss off Ron"


When Ember walked into the backyard where everyone was, she didn't see Fred.

The whole group of friends were sitting down in a circle on wooden buckets. Hermione and Harry were having a conversation about a book she was currently reading and George and Ginny were discussing the aftermath of the latest Quidditch match between The Montrose Magpies and The Wimbourne Wasps.

The only one to acknowledge Ember's presence was Harry who wanted to get out of the conversation with Hermione who kept rambling on about her book.

"There she is!", announced Harry. Everyone's gaze turned to set on Ember who was hoping to see Fred somewhere around.

"What's took so long? And where's Fred, is he doing alright?", Ginny asked cocking her eyebrow.

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