Chapter 10

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Another day passing by while me and the boys idle around the whole day doing God knows what. Even I don't really know what I did after breakfast...All I remember is scrolling through my Instagram looking at cute guys. That's when I spot...Jungkook. Well, he never told me about having an Instagram account. Obviously he couldn't tell me cause we didn't talk much- at all, today after the incident at breakfast. It was already nightfall before I even knew it.

Still staring at Jungkook's picture that I found, I decided to check out his account: I instantly regretted it

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Still staring at Jungkook's picture that I found, I decided to check out his account: I instantly regretted it. Holy Shit. The photos were ranging from cute to sexy to sweet. I'd stop at some of the photos and stare at it for a good two to three minutes still not believing that this guy who is having more then one million likes for each photo is the same person I'm living with. I'm practically drooling when someone speaks.

"Oh, I see you found my Instagram page."

I turn to meet Jungkook behind me; inches apart. Noticing his closeness, as a reflex, I stumble backwards. 

"J-Jungkook, what are you doing here?" I ask him, stuttering. He came more closer to me making me close my eyes for what was about to happen: but it never did. I open my eyes to find a giggling Jungkook who had now seated himself next to me.

"Yah! Jungkook-ah! What the hell was that about?!" I yell at him; angry.

"Y/N-ah, that was just a joke..." He pouted, turning into his bunny self.

"Aw...Kookie, you're too cute." I complimented, pinching his cheek.

"So, how were my photos, huh?"

"Oh My God, they were so damn hot-" I blurted out, not realizing Jungkook was right next to me. Why can't I keep my stupid mouth shut?

In a blink of an eye, I find Jungkook hovering above me. My phone had been thrown towards the corner of the bed; his hands trapped me from escaping.

"That's all I needed to hear, babygirl." He smirk, drawing closer and closer and stops at the hem of my neck; his breath wafting over my skin. 

"Your blood...It smells so...sweet." He spoke in a husky voice which made my breathing hitch.

"Jungkook-", Before I could speak up, he sinks his teeth into my smooth skin. I could feel my blood being pulled out of my veins. All I could think of was the pain; although it melted into a feeling of pleasure.

I had been biting my lower lip to try not to make any sound which might trigger anything, and Jungkook, not seemingly liking what I'm doing, pushes his sharp teeth deeper into my skin, instantly making me moan: a sin. Jungkook smiles against my skin, pulling his vampire teeth out ever so slowly to not hurt me.

Still lost in the feeling is pleasure, I open my eyes to see Jungkook giving me cute smile.
"Jungkook, what the hell...?" I ask him, rubbing my hand over the bite mark.
"Sorry, Y/N...I...couldn't...control myself..." Jungkook vocalised as of he was drunk. I sat there staring a him wandering what made him drunk all of a sudden.
"Jungkook, what's wrong with you?" I question, resting my hand on his shoulder.
"I" He voiced out, stuttering the words as he spoke.
"Are you sure, Kookie?" I ask him, worried.
"Yeah, I'll ask...Namjoon'll" He stands up, gives me a peck on my lips and stumble towards the door.

What just happened? Did he just bite me and I actually enjoyed it? I walk up to the mirror and saw two holes which were still fresh after the bite. Oh no, this is not good; I should keep away from them or they are gonna drain the life out of me.

But what I still don't understand is why did Jungkook act that way- like he was drunk...? That really worries me. Is it something in my blood...?
Realisation strikes me. He acted they way just after he sucked my blood: that means is my blood...I know it doesn't make sense but, alcoholic?

Great. Another mystery to find out; I better go add it to my to do list. I sigh in frustration. I'm just going to take a quick shower, after what just happened I could use one. Its not because I'm disgusted or anything, I need one right now.


Sorry guys, I'm really, truly horrible at describing romantic scenarios therefore please forgive me for any mistakes, if there are any that is...
Anywaysss... can't wait for the New Year's Eve Live guys!!!!!

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