Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Naruto Joins the War!!

"Friends?" Naruto asked, confused he peered around Motoi an saw three rather familiar people. A certain gravity defying haired man made it all the more obvious. "Ah!! You're here!?" He exclaimed getting their attention.

"Naruto! You're actually alive!" Iruka said.

"What are you guys doing here?" Naruto asked in a slightly serious manner.

"You know, everyone back at the village is really worried, especially Sakura. We thought you went missing until we got a message from Kumogakure that they found you." Kakashi explained.

"As for the reason we're here... it's about the War." Yamamoto began.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "what about it?"

"It's most likely Madara will be aiming for you and the Eight tails. So, we are here to make sure that you two will not enter the battle." Might Gai explained.

"What!?" Naruto exclaimed. "You expect me to sit here while a war is going on?! A war where my friends could die??"

Kakashi frowned beneath his mask, "I know-"

"Shut up!! I'm going whether you like it or not!" Naruto fumed.


All Ninja's from all villages had gathered in Sunagakure, in front of Gaara, the Kazekage of the village. Everyone was talking amongst themselves when a Shinobi had questioned Gaara and his leadership, leading to an argument between him an a Sunagakure shinobi.

"In the first to the third wars," Gaara began as he motioned his hand controlling the sad and broke the fight between the shinobi, "each country and village fought for their own gain, as shinobi hated and hurt each other."

"That hatred bred a lust for power, which gave birth to me," Gaara continued as the shinobi all attentively listened to him, "I too, used to be a host, an embodiment of hate and power."

"I hated everyone and wanted to destroy the world, just as the Akatsuki was attempting." Gaara paused and recalled what he was told when he had awoken the day he had returned to Sunagakure after being captured.

"However, I know that someone out there is an embodiment of hate and power. He had gone through so much more pain and misery, much more than any of us have. Even through that, he went out of his way to save strangers, he deemed the people that had raised him and betrayed him as family." Gaara took a deep breath.

"There are no grudge's when you understand one another's pain!" Gaara exclaimed. "There are no enemies here! Only the countries and villages that have joined to fight against the Akatsuki!!"

"We are all Shinobi!!" Gaara exclaimed. "And if you cannot forgive Sunagakure, then you can have my head! I want to protect the world! I want to save that person who had saved me!! But, I am too young to protect the world! So please, lend me your strength!!"

All the shinobi before him cheered and the two shinobi that had bickered apologized to one another. "If you're with me, then follow me!!" Gaara yelled and the shinobi before him all roared.

~To Naruto~

Yamamoto looked out at the sky, "is he gone?" Killer Bee asked, startling Yamamoto.

"Yes," Yamamoto answered and turned around, "please go after him and protect him, I need to head to a different part of the war."

Killer Bee smiled, "yo, take your hand out like this." He ordered, much to Yamamoto's confusion he did so and theirs fists connected. "That's the way, fool ya' fool."

"You know... I've seen you, in Naruto's memory, I saw you. You saved him that one night with an Uchiha and Kakashi." Killer Bee explained. "He's been hella grateful since then that you saved him."

Before Yamamoto could say anything Killer Bee took off after Naruto.

A black orb shot out past Naruto which had startled him, "woah! Holy shit that was close..." He mumbled and turned around to see who had fired the black orb. "Pops!!" Naruto exclaimed with a grin.

"They put up a barrier to keep us contained, we gonna smash through it like a windowpane!" Killer Bee rapped with a smile plastered on his face.

Naruto transformed into his tailed-beast mode and ran towards Killer Bee's tailed beast bomb. "Push it through!!" Killer Bee yelled as he and Naruto an pushing the bomb, breaking the many layers of the barrier.

The barrier's cracked and finally they broke through. "We did it!!" Naruto grinned.

The two then took off at full speed.


Naruto came to an abrupt stop as two figures landed in front of him and Killer Bee. "B-Brother!?" Killer Bee exclaimed seeing the Raikage and Hokage right beside him.

Naruto couldn't help but growl, seeing his so called 'father' right in front of him. Minato immediately saw Naruto's expression and frowned. "And where do you two think you're going!?" The Raikage growled.

"Brother, you gotta let us through! We'll be fine, that's a Killer Bee guarantee!" Killer Bee said but he knew the Raikage wasn't going to listen to such a pitiful reason.

"If the enemy's technique is complete it'll be the end of the world, we know!!" Naruto exclaimed and the Raikage gritted his teeth.

"Then why are you trying to leave!? You two are such big idiots!" He yelled.

There was a short silence as Naruto visioned his friends, fighting and yelling. He visioned Sakura lying in a pool of blood with all his other friends. Naruto clenched his fists and looked at the Raikage straight in the eyes.

"You expect me to sit still while my friends are out there, on the battlefield, dying?!" Naruto asked through gritted teeth. "YOU, expect ME to sit and vibe while MY FRIENDS who I call my FAMILY to die in battle!?"

"It'd be better than the whole world ending!!" The Raikage yelled.

"BULLSHIT!!! I'M NOT GONNA SIT WHILE MY FRIENDS SACRIFICE THEMSELVES FOR ME AND POPS, HERE!!!!" Naruto bellowed. "Because... I know I'd only regret it, knowing that I can do something about, but do nothing... FUCK THAT!!"

The Raikage appeared in front of Naruto, his fist raised, ready to punch the living daylights out of the blonde. Naruto put his arms up as the Raikage's fist connected with them, he sent Naruto back.

Naruto stood straight, he knew very well that Minato would not cooperate. He looked at the Raikage and Hokage. "I'll just have to force my way through then!!" Naruto yelled.

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