Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Naruto and Killer Bee vs The Raikage!

Naruto dashed towards the Raikage who was able to keep up with him. "You're really fast, gramps!" Naruto complimented with a small smile.

"Hmph, not as fast as the Fourth Hokage." The Raikage said.

"Is that right?" Naruto asked.

Naruto stopped and jumped away from the Raikage who had gone for another lightning fuelled punch. "I'LL KILL YOU WHERE YOU STAND, BOY!!!" The Raikage yelled appearing in front of Naruto.

"You what!?" Minato yelled.

"If he dies, it'll buy us some time before the nine-tails is revived! The enemy will be forced to delay their plan!" The Raikage yelled looking back at Minato.

"Stop!!" Minato cried and was about to attack the Raikage when Killer Bee blocked Raikage's attack with his bare hand.

"If that's your plan then kill me too!" Killer Bee said, "the enemy will still be screwed!"

"You can kill me and let Naruto through." Killer Bee added with a smile.

"Raikage! You can't make a call without the agreement of the rest of the leaders! I don't care if you're the general of the army, I won't accept you killing my son before my very eyes!!" Minato yelled.

"Don't declare me as your child, Minato!" Naruto growled, his attention still directed towards the Raikage and Killer Bee.

"Let go Bee!!" The Raikage growled.

"No way mothafucka!!" Killer Bee chuckled.

"You Jinchuriki can't just live for yourselves! You're apart of the balance for all the nations, and the hidden strength of the villages!!" The Raikage yelled. "You can't just run around doing as you please! You stupid kids!!"

Killer Bee smiled, "that may be, but I'm still an individual with things I won't give up!" Killer Bee said, "without those, I'm just another weapon for you to fire up!"

Killer Bee's hand shifted back to his normal hand, "can you still read my heart when you bump fists with me, brother?" He asked.

The Raikage then got a sudden flashback to when he had first met Killer Bee and deemed him as his brother and the tough times they had been through. Naruto dashed towards the Raikage who had immediately reacted to his attempted attack, hitting him.

Naruto flew back with a grunt of pain.

Killer Bee attacked the Raikage, hitting him with upper arm but failed to do so. The Raikage struck his elbow onto Killer Bee's side making him cough out blood. Killer Bee then summoned a tentacle and grabbed his brother with it.

Naruto charged but was then thrown towards Bee.

Minato shook his head and appeared in front of the two Jinchuriki's. "Fourth! What do you think you're doing!?" The Raikage demanded.

"I'm letting Naruto through!" Minato concluded.

Naruto and Killer Bee slowly got up. The blonde spat out blood that was in his mouth and looked at Minato's back. Tch.. we don't need your help damn it. Naruto thought.

Killer Bee appeared in front of the Raikage, "I can't tell you how important you and Naruto are important as Jinchuriki's. To your villages... to your countries, I can't let you pass!!" He said. "No matter how strong you two think you are, Akatsuki has defeated and captured the other seven!"

"Naruto and I aren't gonna lose to em'!!" Killer Bee yelled, "we're gonna beat their asses! Ten outta ten!!!"

"Fine! Bring it on! We'll see who's Lariat is the strongest!!" The Raikage said as he positioned himself, his body engulfed in lightning.

Their attacks hit one another, right between their throats and chins. Bee held his ground and hit the Raikage with all his might, sending him skidding along the rocky ground.

Killer Bee approached his brother, "our power doesn't just come from being Jinchuriki," he began, "the real strength comes from somewhere else, it ain't nearly as gimmicky."

"Brother, you once told me something I'll never forget. As long as they're true, even a war's no sweat." Killer Bee added with a smile.

"That day in front of the waterfall..." The Raikage trailed.

"Finally jogged your memory? Now I'm the one lookin' down!!" Killer Bee said.

The Raikage then looked at Naruto who gave him a smile, then back at Killer Bee. He released a long sigh and stood back up, "get goin' you dumb brats!" He said.

Naruto's face lit up and with that, he and Killer Bee took off at full speed once again.


Not long after they had rushed off to the battle, they soon encountered a group after receiving some news from Shikamaru's father. "Over there, that's..." Killer Bee trailed.


Naruto suddenly felt an oddness from his friend's atmosphere and kicked him startling Killer Bee and all the other Shinobi around him. The shinobi then suddenly shifted into White Zetsu.

"Should've known it was you." Naruto growled. "Master of transformation my ass!"

He turned to all the shinobi around him, "each and everyone of them are enemies pops! Let's get em'!!" Naruto exclaimed attack them, thrusting a barrage of Rasengan's at each shinobi there. Naruto then formed a hand sign and created many clones.

"I'm going to every battlefield there is!" He exclaimed.

As Naruto had said, his clones had gone to each and every battlefield, getting rid of all the imposters amongst the troops of shinobi. On the other hand, he and Killer Bee were still heading to battle and ended up running to many other opponents.

Their opponents, the other Jinchuriki that had been captured and killed.

Killer Bee was suddenly overtaken by his tailed-beast who had grabbed Naruto. Bee, fighting in the forest is a huge disadvantage. It's hard for us to even find them and they strike us at our blind spots. The Eight tails explained.

"Ah... yeah I know..." Killer Bee said clutching his head.

Alright then, you two hold on. I'm gonna destroy this whole area!! The Eight tails yelled as he took over. He let out a roar and wrapped his tails around him, spinning in a rapid motion.

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