Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Tailed Beasts vs Naruto!!

"Eight Tails Whirlwind!!" The Eight tails roared as he spun, clearing the area that his body and tails could cover. The Jinchuriki they had been fighting got caught in the attack with the tree's and bushes.

Once the debris cleared, Naruto noticed all the Jinchuriki down on the ground unconscious. "They're down!" He yelled.

"Let's seal them up while we have thee chance!" The Eight tails said.

The Jinchuriki's suddenly then shifted and charged. Naruto jumped and collided with one of the tailed beasts attacks. A gas blinded him making Naruto swear under his breath.

"Naruto! We should retreat for now and-!"

Before the Eight tails could finish his sentence another true for of a tailed beast appeared, stabbing the Eight tails arm with its horns. The Eight tails let out a roar of pain as he flew back. The masked man suddenly came running in, about to grab Naruto by his head.

"Looks like two versus six is still out of your league. Once I grab you with this hand, it'll be all over-"

Suddenly a foot hit the masked man by his face, sending him flying down towards the ground. Kakashi and Gai landed in front of Naruto with stern expressions. "You're a strong one aren't you, Naruto." Kakashi eye smiled.

Naruto grinned, "heh. Well I've got one more job to do so I ain't dyin' just yet!!" He said and looked at the masked man. "And to think Tobi the 'good boy' would turn out to be like this."

There was a sudden roar, interrupting their little reunion. "Five tails!" Gai yelled as it charged head on towards Naruto.

Naruto dodged the Five tails and Gai went out to attack it when Naruto suddenly stopped him. "Look!" He exclaimed and they watched as the Five tails attempted to attack Tobi, but was stopped and slammed onto the ground by chains that wrapped around its neck.

'How could I... let myself be captured...!!'

"Pops!! Did you hear that just now?" Naruto asked turning to the eight tails.

"It's the voice of the five tails." The eight tails spoke. "We tailed beats have our own emotions, y'know. Watching one of our own get treated like that pisses us off."

"What are you guys mumbling about? Shouldn't you be trying to help us instead of relaxing because we got here?" Kakashi asked making Naruto chuckled.

"Sorry." The blonde said and turned to face the tailed beasts and Tobi.

Four tailed beasts rampaged forward. Gai and Kakashi took on one, leaving the three charging towards Naruto who prepared himself for their attacks. Naruto blocked the attack of a tailed beast with ease while Gai and Kakashi were hit by its tails.

Naruto was then attacked by several other tailed-beast sending him flying towards the eight tails, his tailed-beast form disappearing. The five-tails suddenly appeared out of no where and swallowed Naruto while the eight tails jumped out of the way.

"Naruto!!" Kakashi yelled, watching the blonde be eaten.

"Damn it-!"

"Kakashi watch out!!" Gai yelled as he grabbed Kakashi and jumped away from an acid shot from one of the tailed beast. "That was close..." Gai muttered and looked at his youthful rival that was thankfully uninjured.

"Naruto was eaten by the Five Tails over there!" Kakashi panted as he wearily pointed to the five tails that stood still. Suddenly its mouth puffed out and it vomited over a thousand Naruto's. "Or not..." Kakashi muttered.

"Wow that's a lot than expect! You got my respect!" Killer Bee grinned.

Suddenly Naruto pulled an unknown object from the five tails neck and it was suddenly absorbed by the statue. Naruto tiredly hunched over, placing his hands on his knees. "So you figured it our, hm?" The masked man asked and all the remaining tailed beasts shifted into their real forms. "Now how will you do it again when you're so tired?"

"I'm... not done yet!!" Naruto growled.

That's the spirit kit! Now, meddle your chakra with me!! Kurama grinned forming his paw into a fist, Naruto grinned and fist bumped his friend and tailed-beast. Alright then Kurama. Naruto grinned.

I'm sure you won't lose control this time, after all there's no more anger or hatred in you. After you confronted that evil you in the waterfall of truth. Kurama explained. Yep! Now... Let's go, Kurama!! Naruto yelled as he opened the gate.

Naruto opened his eyes, coming back to reality. He saw five tailed-beasts pointing a Tailed Beast Bomb at him and his teammates. "I'll use my kamui to direct them all to somewhere else." Kakashi spoke sternly as his eye slowly transformed.

"What but-"

"I got it." Naruto spoke calmly as all the tailed beast bombs were released towards him which were and suddenly deflected towards the mountains.

"Naruto you-" Kakashi spoke and all the remaining tailed beasts charged towards Naruto.

"Alright, let's go Kurama!!" Naruto yelled and suddenly a golden form of Kurama appeared, Naruto, Gai and Kakashi were all inside it. This is our first time transforming like this and it's far from perfect! So you've got no more than five minutes! Kurama explained.

Naruto grinned. That's plenty! He and the chakra form of Kurama charged towards the other tailed beasts. Kurama jumped onto the flying tailed beast and threw it directly at the three tailed-beast, however it quickly rolled away.

Kurama raised his fist ready to punch the tailed-beast when the six tails latched it's slimy body on his fist, trapping it. The three tailed beast then spun around and rapidly spun towards Kurama. But before it could attack the eight tails grabbed it.

Another tailed beast charged towards the eight tails who simply swung his arm at it, sending it flying back. The two tailed-beast charged towards Kurama. Kurama threw the tailed beast that had been sticking to his fist and the two beasts collided.

On all the tailed beasts, Naruto spotted the same black rods that had been on the five tailed beast. Without even giving the blond shinobi to make another move all the tailed beasts regrouped and combined their tailed beast bombs.

"Crap!" Naruto hissed.

"Remember Naruto just like what we did in trainin', can ya' do it for reals!?" Killer Bee asked as Kurama opened his mouth, forming his own tailed beast bomb.

The two dangerous attacks collided creating a giant explosion. The eight tails protected itself with its tailed as a huge shockwave exploited. Debris and rubble fell from the sky and without even batting an eye Kurama grabbed all the tailed beasts with his tails.

Naruto's clones at each end of the tails pulled out the rods.

He smiled to himself after, having a talk with all the tailed beasts and their hosts. Kurama on the other hand could only think about his creator that had predicted of a strong warrior to bring peace.

Finally when the debris cleared, the tailed beasts were gone and were sucked into the statue.


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