Chapter 7: Caught On Act

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Days had passed since Diana's arrival at the Obelian Kingdom. Everything is going according to their own will, Diana is still hiding. sometimes she would disguise herself as a servant so she could roam around Athanasia's palace. Everything is fine, but that doesn't mean that everything in accordance is real constant.

Who would've thought that the 'Accordance of fate' will betray them one day?

It is morning now, Diana who just woked up find herself eating breakfast with Athanasia. The two women who have light golden hair were eating inside the Princess' room, allowing the golden rays of the sun to accommodate their breakfast routine. 

While doing their morning routine, the servants outside the room are having a chat about the Princess' actions, a few days ago.

 "The Princess is acting too odd, she will only go outside her room to accommodate His Majesty, not only that. She seems to start to distance herself away from other people. The only exemption is His Majesty, I heard that even Lilian York couldn't get close to the Princess already!"

"Stop spouting nonsense! One might hear you! do you want to lose your job by simply speaking?" the other servant said.

"But it is really strange, I wonder what's happening to the princess"


"Are you alright? here, drink some water, Athy" Diana grabbed a glass of water to hand it in Athanasia.

"I'm alright" Athanasia replied. 'Maybe someone's talking about me' she thought. "Mama, Jennette will be here again later, I can't be with you because I have to accompany her and my Papa Claude"

"No problem sweety, I'll stay here, I will remain uncaught" Diana assured Athanasia.

'Well, I hope so. I may not hear it but I know some of our servants were thinking suspicious about me... I hope accordance of fate will remain on our side'

"Or maybe I'll just wear some disguise again so I can watch the three of you~" 

"......" -Athanasia

'Heh, You only want to see Papa Claude' Athanasia thought. 'Come to think of it... I've noticed it too. Since that day happened. Mama would always her disguise herself to roam around that garden...'

Athanasia glanced over Diana. 'That's normal since Claude is her past lover... but I wonder... If she is the writer of that novel... then what kind of thoughts about my Papa Claude might be circulating on her mind?'

In the end, Athanasia didn't let her mother execute her childish plan, she instructed her mother instead to stay in her bedroom.

Diana didn't complain about it either. She knew that her suggestion is quite childish and might become a fuel on the fire. The rumour about Athanasia reached on her ears whenever she is disguising herself as a maid on the palace. If she acts differently or follows her own will, she might get Athanasia in trouble and she won't let that happen.

"But it's boring" Diana muttered while looking at the scenery from Athanasia's veranda. "I also wanted to see the protagonist in my story, Jennette. No offence to my daughter but I'm still a writer by the way"

'And that Claude... ' Diana thought for a second. Her imaginations brought her the image of Claude wearing a robe, shamelessly showing his abs. She felt her cheeks burning while trying to erase the image of that Emperor on her mind.

 'Oh dear mind, too sinful'

'But I never thought that Claude will be that handsome, Is that the reason why Diana liked him to the point of bearing his child on her womb?'

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