Chapter 7

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The next morning Genesis wakes up and Liam isn't there. She sits up fast and tucks her hair behind her ear.
"Where did he-" she says as she mumbles off.
She gets up and walks to her bath room and puts on an outfit.

 She gets up and walks to her bath room and puts on an outfit

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She runs down stairs and look around for him. But he's no where in sight.
She goes down to the base where all the men stay.

"Hey princess." She hears hoots and hollers.
She rolls her eyes.

She walks up to her fathers most trusted commander.

She tips her sunglasses down and takes a look at him as he straightens up. Of course she acts like a brat around all of them to stand her ground.

He clears his throat.

"Ms. Genesis. How can I help you?" He says folding his hands.

She pulls her sunglasses up on her head.

"I'm looking for my body guard. Moretti?" She says looking around at all the men staring at her.

She folds her arms.

"Yes of course. He had to have a meeting with one of your fathers close friends." He says.

She nods and walks away.

All the men start looking at her walk away.

As shes walking away one of them comes up to her.

"Hey so when's our date-"  he says as he gets cut off by her pointing her gun at him.
"Okay.." he throws his hands in the air and walks away.

She trudges up the stairs looking down at her feet.

She runs into someone and they grab her shoulders.

"Hey!" She looks up and points her gun.

"Woah woah woah. Are you okay??" Says Liam.

"Liam..? Ive been looking for you." She pushes him back jokingly.

"Yeah sorry I had some stuff to take care of." He says looking away.

She looks behind her and grabs his hand and drags him into the bathroom hall way.

"Where were you this morning?" She asks.

"I told you I had... stuff." He says shrugging.

"Okay well what happened? I talked to the commander and they said-" she begins

"You talked to my commander?!" He says face palming.

"Well you were gone when I woke up.." she says stepping back from him.

"Gen.... this whole thing is a bad idea. I'm sorry." He says.

"I already told you, my dad won't do anything!" She yells.

He pulls his mask off.

"Listen to me. That doesn't matter! It's about the fact that I could lose my job..... or you." He mumbles the last part.

Genesis rolls her eyes.

"You won't." She says quietly.

"Yeah I will! You don't know how your dad acts around the members here!" He whisper yells.

Genesis sighs and opens the door and runs down the stairs.

He pulls his mask back on and runs after her.

"Where are you going?" He says stoping half way down the stairs.

"Out." She says as she runs out the front doors.

"Well then I'm coming with you." He says running down and stopping in-front of her.

"No." She tries to move past him but he grabs her and pulls her towards her.

"Stop. Stop don't fight it." He says. He pulls her into a tight hug to the point where she can't move.

"Liam!" She yells.

"Listen to me ok? Listen. If your going out then I'm coming with you." He says as he pulls her away.

She rolls her eyes and opens the door.
She unlocks the keys to the Range Rover.

As she walks to the car door with keys in hand, Liam takes the keys out of her hand.

"Really?" She says.

"I'm driving." He says.

She gets in the passenger seat.

A few minutes later they're driving in silence.

All the sudden they see at least 6 of her fathers cars fly by them.

She sits up in her seat.

"Wait wait! Stop, that's my father." She exclaims.

He looks confused but worried at the same time.
He radios one of the members.

"Hey what's going on?" He asks.

No response.

"Drive faster!" She yells.

"I am!" He yells back.

She folds her arms and sits up.

"Sit back." He says increasing the speed.

"No." She says.

He rolls his eyes and keeps driving.

"Your so stubborn." He mumbles.
"What was that?" She snaps back.

"Nothing!" He says with a bit of rage.

Once they finally get back they both run out of the car.

Her father and all his men were standing around eachother. When her father sees her he runs to her.

"Where were you?!" He says shaking her.

"What..?" She says confused.

"You left. 2 times. While I was gone."

"Yeah but-" she starts before her father cuts her off

"Moretti!" He yells.

I quickly look back at him.

He holds his head low and walks towards him.

"My office, now." He demands.

"Wait, stop ill explain." I say trying to stop my father but he doesn't listen.

Liam looks back at me.

And they all walk off, leaving me out in the courtyard

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