Fea One-shot 1/2

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Note: This one-shot is completely unrelated to my ongoing story and is basically just for those who like Five/Thea (Fea) as a Christmas treat~

"There were worse things than dying, and those things happened to the people left behind

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"There were worse things than dying,
and those things happened to the people left behind."

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Predictably, the day started just like any other.

A tuft of golden hair peeked out from the safety and warmth of the thick duvet and eventually, a face revealed itself to the world.

Despite the grumpy expression on her face, Thea crawled out of the bed, pointedly ignoring how it almost called out to her, coaxing her to return to the intoxicating comfort. She glanced toward the opposite side of the room, ensuring Klaus was still soundly asleep before shuffling out of the room. Tip-toeing across the hallway to the door directly opposite her own, expertly skipping the loose floorboard that made a low groan whenever stood upon.

Quietly opening the door and slipping through the tiny crack available, Thea grinned at the sight of the lump hidden beneath dark blue covers and with silent footsteps made her way over before climbing inside.

She made sure to cover herself in the thick quilt and muffle her amusement when the figure inside slowly woke up from the disturbance, eyelids fluttering before opening slowly and revealing piercing blue.

"Z?" he mumbled tiredly and Thea hummed in confirmation, snuggling closer. The boy hissed in irritation when he felt Thea's cold feet touch his skin, the brief time spent outside of her own bed turning them ice cold.

"You're freezing," he whispered harshly but only got a muffled giggle in response. "You'll have to warm me up," Thea replied cheekily.

"Then stop fidgeting," Five said in exasperation, finally succumbing to the extra presence disturbing his sleep and curling his arms around the girl's waist.

Thea smiled in satisfaction and almost purred at the new warmth, feeling a sense of comfort she couldn't find in her own lonely bed. "I can't help it, you make me this way," she said with a little extra purr to her words, knowing the exact way it would be taken.

Five predictably understood the hint behind her words and pinched her arm in retribution. Thea whined petulantly. "Stop messing around, Z."

"Then make me."

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