Feel So Close??

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We snuggled together watching as the sun set and I eventually fell asleep with a half eaten  pizza on my lap.


My eyes flickered open to see Damon in the water with a bucket. He looked over to me where I pretended to be asleep and scooped up as much water he could possibly fit in the bucket.

Once he got on the sand he started to run towards me. But by the time I realised what he was doing he had thrown the freezing cold, salty, sticky sea water on me.

"DAMON SALVATORE" I said i screamed as I got up and looked him up and down before jumping on him.

"What you weren't getting up and I was lonely" he said giving me the best puppy dog eyes he could muster.

I got up and looked around the beautiful beach "first what time is it" I groaned out "second what am I going to wear" I said glaring at the older Salvatore in front of me.

"It's already 10am and Rebekah came earlier dropping off some clothes. We are going with Vampire Elena to a Halloween party so Bonnie can see that teacher guy" he said cheerfully.

I turned around to see my beautiful Porsche 911 sitting with a post-it-note (a sticky note) on it saying
-hi sister Nik has been freaking out cause your were not back at home on time and I thought you would like your car instead of the Salvatores'. Anyway your outfit for the Halloween party is in the trunk. Love Bex x (idk if a trunk is right but yeah)

I opened the trunk of the car and found a white dress with a green corset that she had matched with some knee length boots and a white bandana to make a pirate costume, I quickly did my hair and I was ready.

I walked out of the toilets where I got changed and saw Damon in this 'Jack the ripper' costume along the Elena and Bonnie as 'his victims'

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I walked out of the toilets where I got changed and saw Damon in this 'Jack the ripper' costume along the Elena and Bonnie as 'his victims'.

"Hi you guys you look nice" I said looking a Bonnie and Elena who where standing there awkwardly. "Btw you guys, don't worry I'm not my brother,I won't kill you".

"Elena come with me and Bon Bon go with Sophia. Ok" Damon said trying to lighten up the mood.

"Ok" came from both of the girls mouths, I smiled at Bonnie as she got in. We drove in awkward silence for a bit until I heard a voice from my left side.

"We started off in the wrong foot, witches must stick together and although I doubt you will I think we should practice spell together."

"You do know that I have lived for 1,000 years, and have a witch friend, and have been practicing spells since I was 5" I said smirk king at myself.

"I'm kidding I will help you and I'm sure Jules would like another witch anyways." I said turning my head to look at her.

We arrived at the party as it was getting dark with Elena clutching into Damon like a lost puppy, Bonnie talking at a guy who's name I learnt was Professor Shane.

I walked toward the bar and grabbed a drink as I saw Damon and Elena walk into a back room with some guy. "Great party right" I heard the guy say.

"Yeah" Elena said bitterly before I heard a thud. I looked up to see where Bonnie was but she was still talking to the Shane guy. "Your not gonna make a sound." She continued, probably compelling the poor dude.

"Now remember the idea is Not to kill him" Damon said coldly "Elena" he stated desperately "step away from your lunch, Elena" he said whispering the last part.

"Leave and forget about this" is what I heard before the human boy walked out from the room.

"Nice touch, how do you feel" Damon asked whilst my favourite song came on- feel so close by Calvin Harris.

"I feel good" she giggled with here annoying laugh. "I want more" she said eagerly. I walked toward where Bonnie and Shane was and started to talk about expression.

I looked into the dance floor whilst talking to Bonnie and saw Damon and Elena dirty dancing with blood all around their faces, bodies touching, faces almost touching.

"Hey Bonnie I'm going to go, nice to meet you Professor Shane" I politely excused myself and hurried out before either of them could say anything.

I called Rebekah and told her everything whilst I was driving home, I stopped at an open shopping mall and had a snack.

It was not like I was 'pulling a Kol' but I did have a good feed around, I only killed around 5 or 6 people but I had nothing to loose.

"Little sister, what are you doing, you are only half related to Kol and I do not want to see my full youngest sister turn into him" I looked up seeing Klaus standing with Elijah and Rebekah glaring me down.

"Sleep well little sister" was all I heard before everything went back. Had I been daggers? No I can't be, I'm part wolf.

—————time skip—————

My eyes sprung open seeing I was lying on my bed, neck aching, mouth dry. "What was all of that about Sophia" Niklaus spat at me.

I was debating wether to tell him or not as Damon would get punished but I still love him "I was hungry and blood bags where getting boring"

"I told you Niklaus, my little sister is very responsible and would not go off the rails" he heard Kol Speak up from the corner of the room.

"I thought you where in Denver?" I questioned him squinting my tired eyes at him.

"I finished my business but I would love to know why you where out with Damon Salvatore" he said his voice getting deeper.

"I was just-" I was interrupted by Jules' head fly passed my face and falling to the ground.
"JULES!!" was all I managed to say before collapsing to the floor in tears.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and sorry for the shorter chapter I have had a lot of stuff to do this week.

Should there be another love interest? Maybe switch Salvatore brother?
Who killed Jules?

Please tell me if you have any suggestions and if I could improve,,

thank you xx

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