Chapter Ten

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Kates pov

I plop down on my bed and grab my notebook and some colored pencil and start to to think up a list for rules for lucas and dax.I don't want to give them a lot of rules because i hate rules so they must hate rules too i mean who likes them, SO I decided to only give them only Three basic rules.


1. No sex during the month

2. Please dont ignore me for more than an hour

3.I have to be cuddled at least one to two times a Day.

After I wrote down all the rules I took a picture of them and sent it to them.



Kate: Is this okay? Is it too much?

Lucas: It's fine but only three?

Kate: Too much ? Too little ?

Dax: Nope it's a great amount but i don't think you are going to like your list very much.

Kate: What do you mean?


1.BedTime is 10:00 pm on school nights weekends is up to us

2. No Back talking

3. Stay out of the basement

4.for the month you will either stay with us or when you need time by yourself you can go back to your dorm but blair has to be there

5.Three meals a day and a snack at least

6. No talking bad about yourself


8.Drink water

9.Keeps things cleans

10. Always tell us where you are if not with us.

11. Homework has to be done before Bed

12. Have to be out of bed by 11 oclock ( unless sick)

Kates:Why so many

Lucas: to keep you safe

Kate:When is this whole thing going to start ?

Lucas: We were thinking tomorrow?

Dax: We were hoping we could pick you up and take you back to our place to get stadled in. . If that's ok with you?

Kate: Sounds Fine.


I put my notebook away and blair walks back into the room.

"Hey " I say

"So you and the bosses huh?" She said as she took off her

"Maybe why how did you find out" I asked

"They had us clean the house and you staying there for a bit " she said

" I'm sorry about that." I say

" Its fine I didn't mind that much I just hit myself in a closet until my dom and came and got me" she said so casually

"yo-your sub ?" I ask in confusion

"Well don't act so surprised your a sub and a little " she said

" How did you find out " I ask

" You're not that good at hiding your little things and I know that Lucas and Dax are into that kind of thing." she said

"Well who is your Dom?" I ask

" His name is logan He is second in charge and a really butt about rules " she said as she plots down on her bed

We both ended up watching a bunch of movies and ordering chinese food. I got low mein noodles with orange chicken and two crab rangoon and blair got fried rice and sweet-and-sour chicken with a pork egg roll. You both ended up falling asleep watching "MEG". I was a little scared about the next day but happy at the same time and hoped all of this would go well, maybe we're rushing into all this, but I really want to try this all out, we'll see how this all goes in the morning.


Hello my loves. I know this is short but I really just wanted to get this chapter done because I'm working on another but at the same time and want to make sure this one is still getting chapters out. I promise the next one will be a LOT longer But i hope this one will be okay for today.


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