Champagne Problems

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Word Count: 1.9k 😳

Warnings: brief descriptions of poor mental health, swearing, sadness, alcohol consumption. If I missed any please let me know!!

A/n: this was gonna be a blurb and then I got carried away lol. Inspired by Champagne Problems by T.Swift. I hope you guys like it.

He had the ring in his pocket, it was his grandmother's. He fiddled with it in his pocket as you drove to Hawkins High to chaperone the winter formal. It was perfect, the winter formal you guys' first date, the ring had been adjusted to fit your left ring finger, the kids would be there, they knew his plan, everything would be perfect. He had you drive because he was so nervous. Robin was in your backseat giving Steve encouraging pats on the back.

You walked into the gym, hand in hand. Steve had Dustin request your favorite song, Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper, and he slowly swayed to the music with your head resting against his chest.

That's when you felt it. Steve was either really excited to dance with you or there was something in his pocket. You pulled your head away from his chest and it was like he knew that you knew. You let go of his hand and he pulled out a ring box, he looked at you with watery eyes and he started to pull your left hand to his lips. You pulled your hand away and walked out of the gym.

Steve's face fell, his eyes were watery for a whole different reason now. He put the ring back in his pocket and ran after you. Before he could even say your name, he heard your car leave the parking lot. He slumped to the ground, he was sat on the curb, his head was in his hands. He was kinda speechless over what just happened, he couldn't get any type of sound to leave his body. He heard the sound of running feet coming towards his direction. It was probably Robin, he didn't know, he didn't check but, whoever it was placed a hand on his back and rubbing circles on his back in an attempt to soothe him.

You just kept driving. You didn't have a specific place you wanted to go, you just couldn't be here. You ended up driving to a city 30 minutes away from Hawkins. You pulled over to a random gas station and parked. You took deep breaths, tears were spilling down your cheeks, you felt hot and your throat was dry.

Honestly you couldn't believe what just happened, what was about to happen or what you just did. You should've known this was coming, Robin asked you for your ring size and even took you to the mall to try on rings so that you could figure it out, Max told you about her mom's wedding to Mr. Hargrove, El asked you what it meant to propose. It was all so obvious but, you were so oblivious. How could you have missed all of these signs?

You thought you were ready for something like this but, as soon as you saw that box in his hand, you felt panicked. Steve's heart was a bouquet of roses and you left them there to die.

The realization of the kids finding out, is what made you drive even further away from Hawkins. You knew you couldn't just ignore this but, right now you needed to figure out why you just left him there with no explanation.

Back in Hawkins, Steve was walking home with Robyn in the dark. He hadn't said anything. He couldn't, it was starting to worry Robin and even though it was pitch black outside, he could still see the worried expressions that she threw his way.

"I didn't even get to say anything. She just left." Robin felt somewhat relieved that he was finally talking.

"What did she say?"

"That's the thing, Rob, she didn't say anything. She saw the box, dropped my hand and walked out. It was like I was in shock! I didn't move for a second and then I ran outside and heard her driving away!" Steve's voice began to falter, his eyes were overflowing with tears. Robin tired to rub his back while they were walking and give him some kind of comfort.

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