Chapter Eleven

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__ In Xiao Mansion__

The raising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. Soft sun light fall on a Zhan's sleeping body coming through the window. Zhan blinked few times because of sun light.


Zhan's phone started ringing, it's not first time. It's ringing from 2 hours long. But, Zhan he don't have any idea about it. He is sleeping peacefully.

"Who is this? In this early morning?!" Zhan said himself in sleeping and trying to find his phone, which is still ringing but, he couldn't find his phone because his eyes were still off.

After trying few minutes keep his eyes close. He finally got his phone. Still his eyes are close. He received his phone,

"Hello, how is this?"

"Xiao Zhan, are you fucking kidding with me? It's 11: am and, I'm calling you from 9:am. You, idiot. Today, our 3rd year results published." A voice came from other side of phone.

Hearing about the results. Zhan opened his eyes and sat on his bed in shock.

"What results? I didn't know that." Zhan replied.

"As always, do you come uni? Then how will you know about it.?" The guy replied in mocking voice.

"Ahh!! Sorry, sorry. What about me?" Zhan asked.

"You failed in math Zhan." The guy replied

"Ah!! And, what about you?" Zhan asked.

"I came 3rd." The guy replied

"Congratulations, baobao." Zhan replied with a smile.

"Are you serious? You failed." The guy said.

"Don't worry. I'm okay. Baobao, I will call you after sometime. Let me inform dad. And, also I have something really serious to discuss with you. " Zhan said and cut the call immediately.

Zhan got up from his bed and went downstairs where, Mr. Xiao was reading newspaper peacefully. He don't know, he will get a shock now.

"Dad!!"Zhan called.

"Mnn. I'm here." Mr. Xiao replied smiling.

Zhan walk to Mr. Xiao and sat beside him in couch.

"How are you Zhan?" Mr. Xiao asked.

"I'm good. Dad, I want to say something." Zhan said with hesitation.

"Mnn, maybe I know what you want to say." Mr. Xiao said.

"You know?" Zhan asked in surprised.

"Yeah but, son you know, Yibo agreed for the marriage. And, you should also say yes now." Mr. Xiao said.

" Ah! Dad, I not saying this, I was saying that, today my 3rd year final results published and, I failed in math. " Zhan said

"Wait!! What?!" Zhan and Mr Xiao said in unison.

"Yibo said yes for the marriage??!" Zhan asked in shock.

"You failed in math?" Mr. Xiao asked in unison.

"Yes!!" Zhan and Mr. Xiao again said in unison.

"Oh my god!! Jiyang, give me some water fast." Mr. Xiao shout.

Hearing Mr. Xiao shouting, Jiyang came out from his room.

" What happened dad?" Jiyang asked.

"Water!! Water!!" Mr. Xiao said coughing.

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