Chapter 4 - Controlling Emotions

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School the next day

3rd POV

As the four friends were seated in the class, people began to question Adrien's whereabouts and Alya came stomping towards them.

"Hey Mari-slut, what the hell did you do to Adrien?!"

"I didn't do anything to him Alya. Adrien left the country for something concerning his aunt" Mari spoke to the glaring brunette, trying not to crack at the memory of Adrien's death.

"I don't believe you. Lila said she saw you guys having ice-cream yesterday, I'm sure you poisoned it, you just probably want to use him for his money, that's why you're trying to make him jealous. Now tell me where he is before you regret it you big bully" Alya frowned at her

"I'm telling you Alya. Adrien had to go for a family emergency in London. Now leave me alone" the girl spoke, trying to keep her emotions in check before something bad happened.

Tikki had explained to them about her anger getting out of control and destroying something, so she had to learn to keep her emotions in check. But right now, this brunette was pushing buttons she's not supposed to.

And to make matters worse, Lila came limping into the class, fake bruises on her body and crocodile tears in her eyes.

"Oh my gosh Lila! What happened?!" Alya ran to the teen and the Italian continued her sobbing

"Oh it was awful Alya. M-Marinette did this to me" she lied and all eyes were on the blunette instantly, who was looking at her with rage and disbelief.

"Really Lila, how could I have done that if I've been seating here all morning and those so called bruises are fake for those of you with eyes" Mari rolled her eyes and Alya came stomping back to the girl.

"How could you Mari?"

"You're such a bully"

"Waste of space" were the comments from her class-mates

"I should have gotten rid of you a long time ago Mari-slut. I mean how could you?! Must you always be jealous of Lila, now you'll pay for that bitch" Alya huffed, raising a hand to slap Marinette across the face.

And then she finally cracked

And all hell broke loose.

Chloe, Kagami and Luka saw the situation and backed away slowly, as thunder began rumbling outside and lightning flashed everywhere.

"This is bad" Kagami said

"You think?!" Chloe asked the fencer and turned to the slightly shaking class "Are you happy now bitches?! You made her angry and now we're all gonna die!" she yelled at the class who stared at Mari in shock, said person was clearly seething in rage.

She was close to transforming when Luka jumped in and calmed her down, along with Chloe and Kagami and the girl slowly regained a hold of her senses.

"Oh no. I lost it didn't I?" She cried and ran out of the class. Her friends were about to follow her but a statement from Alya stopped them.

"Attention seeking whore. Who did she think she was fooling with those special effects?"

And then Chloe lost it

"You good for nothing bitches! I should have let her destroy you all instead! You all have caused her so much pain and heartbreak and yet you call her a bully?! Look at what you've done to her compared to all what that slut claims she has done!. About that"

She grabbed a bottle of water and stomped over to where a pale Lila stood, and dumped the entire thing on her body.

"How could you do that Chloe?!"

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