Chapter Twelve

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"What are you doing here?" Jackson and Yibo asked each other.

"You guys know each other?" Zhan asked in confusion.

"We are brother's." Again Yibo and Jackson said in unison.

"What?!" Zhan react in shock.

"Oh God!! What the heck is happening in my life." Zhan said in his mind.

"Are you guys one relationship?" Yibo asked in confusion.

"No!!" Zhan and Jackson shout.

"No?! Then, why you said, he is your boyfriend??" Yibo asked raising his eyebrows.

"See, you have no sense, this boy friend doesn't mean lover. What I mean to say is, he is a boy and he is my best friend. Change your mind, Yibo. He is like my brother. How can you say it?" Zhan said dramatic way. Which, totally understand by Jackson so, he also said yes and sat beside Zhan.

"Ohh!! Okay." Yibo said

"So, everyone was talk about you all time that, my would be son in law is this, that and so one. I was little bit upset that, I couldn't go to meet. But, it seems, I know my brother-in-law from 3 years. Good!! Very good." Jackson said smiling.

"How you guys know each other?" Yibo asked.

"We study in same uni." Jackson said.

"Oh!! So, don't you know, your friend failed in math?" Yibo asked

"Yeah, I informed him that. So, of course, I know everything. " Jackson replied.

"Don't tell me, you also failed." Yibo said

"Why you would fail? Ge got 3rd place." Zhan said smiling.

"Don't you have some shame? You failed in math and now, you are happy because, your friend got 3rd place." Yibo asked.

"I know, I failed but my friend passed with a good results so, I'm happy. My failure is with me. But, why I can't be happy for others?" Zhan asked

Hearing Zhan, Yibo looked at Zhan's eyes

"This guy is something else. He is sad but, he can be happy seeing another person's smile. This is something different." Yibo thought in his mind.

"So, what I should call you? Zhan or brother-in-law?" Jackson asked teasingly.

"Of course, Zhan and moreover this marriage is just for 365 days." Zhan said folding the contract paper and keep it in his pants pocket.

"What?! Why?!" Jackson asked in confusion

"Ah? You forgot. I already said everything." Zhan said and smacked Jackson's hand.

"Ohh!! I remember but, it's not fair. Our family?" Jackson asked.

"Everyone knows and they agreed." Yibo said maintaining his poker face.

"What? They agreed???, Why??! Are they out of their mind? And, why I don't know anything?" Jackson said and stood up from sitting.

"Will you just shut your mouth? Listen, I don't want to marry him. And, honestly, I don't like him even a little bit? Just little bit." Zhan said making his face

"Excuse me, I also don't like you not even zero point one percent. So, just keep it in your mind. We are getting married just because of our family." Yibo said glaring at Zhan.

"Why..why are are glaring me like this. I.. I'm not afraid of you. So, just keep your glance down. Otherwise, did you saw this fork?" Zhan said pointing out the fork on table.

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