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"Bourbon," Leah had spoken to the bartender who's name tag had read 'Camille'.

Camille placed the drink in front of her with a smile and Leah had kindly returned it. Downing the brown liquid she in one gulp she placed the hundred dollar bill one the counter and pushed the stool in.

"Thank you Camille," Leah said looking at her with a kind smile, yet she was far from kind and everyone knew it.

"Call me cami," the beautiful blond girl grinned.

With that she has strutted out of Rousseau's her purse in hand. As her tiny feet met the gate of the place she once called her home she couldn't help but feel a little nervous. She reminded herself that this hadn't been her home in a hundred and fifty years. She shuddered at the memory she last had here one she hoped she'd forget. Sighing she pushed open the gate and composed herself.

Smirking she had seen her husband her best friend and her brother. They had been arguing about something and Rebekah threw her glass across the yard smashing. Niklaus had grabbed her by the throat and Elijah wiped the blood from his mouth.

Clearing her throat she had caught the attention of all three siblings.

"Hello darling, did you miss me?" She smirked looking at her husband and her family.

"Sister, is that really you?" Elijah spoke barely audible yet shocked.

He hadn't seen the girl who he'd called his sister for nearly fifty six years. When she'd left the family without a word or a trace. Yet he, Klaus and even
Kol had searched. Rebekah had changed since Leah hadn't been around. She'd grown colder and more violent.

As Rebekah turned to see the woman who was her best friend and her confidant over the years. The one who had comforted her when Nik would kill all of her lovers. The one who loved her as her own. The one who'd whisper sweet words to her when she felt as if her world would fall apart.

"Leah!" Rebekah had squealed jumping and attacking her with a hug.

Then there was her husband. The man she'd been running from for a long time. The one who'd been there for her and her for him. The one who he would stay by in sickness and in health. Leah had been his saving grace and the only one he'd truly loved. Still loves. Niklaus had known he had missed her and she him. However what she didn't know was that her dear husband was having a child and the woman having his child was mere feet away.

Leah had said her welcomes to Elijah and Rebekah and they had retired to their rooms since it was late and gave the husband and wife some much needed space. Elijah had watched the couple warily as he left as did Rebekah giving her brother deathly glares.

"Niklaus," Leah had whispered gulping with nervousness.

The last time she had seen her husband he had been yielding a weapon, a dagger in fact for his wife. The second she had looked at him she had forgiven him and her eyes moulted into his.

"I am so sorry for what's had done I have missed you terribly my love," Nik had said walking to his wife and touching her face to make sure it was her and not some hallucination.

"I too my husband," she grinned.

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