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Yesterday was sure an eventful night. Nik had caught up Leah on what had happened to both Finn and Kol in mystic falls. She had cried sadly her brothers had died and she hadn't known. Leah felt guilt ridden and she couldn't help it. After a catch up she and
Klaus had a long epic night of hot raw sex. Klaus had taken his time with his wife and shown her how much he'd missed her.

Klaus watched his wife sleep and smiled playing with her hair. Oh how he had missed her. His eyes caught her hickey, one he gave her. Smiling to himself he had kissed her forehead. As he lay in bed he could help but feel a pang of guilt which had hit his heart knowing the pregnant wolf was just next door. He didn't know how to tell his wife he had cheated on her and gotten another pregnant. He knew his wife had wished she was able to carry his child. She had dreamed of it for centuries. He remembered the dreams she'd have years ago of having his child and waking to seeing her crying. He remembered promising her a life of happiness and joy. One he hadn't given her. He vowed to do anything to make her happy again. However he didn't know how she'd react to the news of his child.

The sun had peaked through the curtains and his wife moved closer to his chest as the sun hit her. He felt a moment of happiness as his wife do this.

"Nik, " she had mumbled half asleep and he had moved her hair away from his face.

"Yes my love," he asked as his wife opened her beautiful bright blue eyes.

"Just checking if you where still here," she said slipping into his shirt hand on the door.

"My love-" Nik had started but his wife had already been out the door.

He tried to tell his wife about Hayley but she was already downstairs. He'd quickly put on his clothes and rushed downstairs hoping she hadn't met him just yet.

Rebekah had been the first to greet her friend as she was unable to sleep since both Leah and Klaus had been to loud the night before.

"Leah you must be quieter this house was built hundreds of years ago we heard everything," Rebekah giggled and Leah has just smirked.

"Just because you aren't getting any Beks," Rebekah looked at Leah with a smile and rolled her eyes.

A girl Leah hadn't recognised had walked to the breakfast table she had noticed her baby bump and slight jealousy had hit her as did curiosity. Leah had wondered who this woman was. Maybe she's was the maid she thought but was proven wrong as she sat at the table. Rebekah looked at Leah and back at Hayley cautiously, knowing her bastard brother hadn't told her best friend.

"Why is Klaus' fuck sitting at the table?" The pregnant girl asked.

Rebekah knew Leah would lose her temper as did Elijah who had sat on her left. Leah looked at the girl ready to kill her.

"His wife darling why are you here?" Leah asked her words icy as she wore an evil smirk.

"The woman carrying his child," the girl had spoke carefully.

The girl hasn't known klaus had a wife she couldn't look at the woman sat opposite her. Her heart had hurt as his wife looked heartbroken. She didn't know what to say now what to do. She'd felt awful for what she had said.

"His what," Leah whispered her heart breaking as she realised her husband has broken their promise.


Klaus had known his wife would find out, but he wanted to tell her after telling her their son, Marcellus, was still alive knowing she wouldn't be as angry as he knew she would be. He knew she'd forgive him, she always did but he knew how much he hurt her. Hearing her he was down in the dining area in less than a second. He stood in front of her unable too look her in the eyes.

"Speak! tell me this is a lie, tell me you're not having a child with another!" Leah exclaimed a tear rolling from her eyes.

"I am sorry my love-" Leah hasn't given him a chance to finish the sentence she had slapped him and vamp sped to the room changing into yesterday clothes.

Klaus had followed his wife to their bedroom and watched rip off his shirt in disgust and pull on her outfit from yesterday. She'd felt like a cheap whore even though she shouldn't have as she was his wife and not her. Not the woman having his child.

"Leah I swear to yo-" he started only to be cut off by his fully dressed wife who wore a pained expression on her face.

"I hate you Niklaus Mikaelson, I hate you, you lying son of a bitch never NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN," her voice had broke and her voice had even brought a tear to Klaus eye.

She had shoved passed him leaving the house her head breaking as it did not bothering to look at any of them as she walked out. Her heart had yearned for him for many years she hoped he had to but she now knew he hadn't.

As she entered the bar she was at yesterday she had notice the lovely girl wasn't there and instead was an old man. She compelled the whole bar and dried almost every human in there out. She noticed a human alive amongst the rest. Pulling him out she snapped his neck and walked out wiping the blood from her mouth. What she hadn't noticed was the man following her.

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