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"WHO!" Marcel has shouted at a vampire as he noticed almost everyone dead.

"Leah, Leah Mikaelson," the vampire said to his master.

Marcel hadn't heard that name in a very long time. His heart had ached for the woman he had called his mother since he was eight. The last time he had saw her was in 1919. The night of the opera house fire, he had remembered that night vividly. He remembered his mother's screams and cries of pain for him and it broke his heart. He knew he had to find her when he heard her name so that's what he did.

"She's at the palace Royale, shall we kill her?" Asked his vamp, furious at the thought of his mother dying Marcel snapped the vampires neck.

As he stood outside the door he knew his mother was behind he was hesitant to knock. Klaus had known he had been alive for a few months now and if he knew his mother would also have known. She mustn't have wanted to see him. As he was about to turn he heard his mother cry softly and it broke his heart. She must have known, known about Klaus' child. Marcel knocked on the door and his mother hadn't answered. So he knocked again. Leah had gotten up from the bed and opened the door ready to kill the person knocking the door. What she saw as she opened the door almost broke her into tears.

"Marcellus," she spoke with shock. "It's you, it's really you," she cried happiness in her voice hugging her son.

"Mom," he whined with a laugh as she kissed his cheek.

He had missed his mother more than anything yet he didn't know what to say. He had dragged his mother around town showing her everything and talking about the last hundred and fifty years they had missed together. Marcel had told his mother everything Klaus had done including the fight in the compound. Leah was furious at what she had heard. She asked Marcel what his father had done and he had told her everything. First Leah was asking Marcel if he was alright next thing he knew he was following her to the compound. Her anger had gotten the best of her as she barged into the house.

"NIKLAUS YOU FUCKING BASTARD SHOW YOURSELF!" She screamed defending her son standing in the middle of the compound.

Niklaus has left his drawing room to only see his wife standing in the middle of his home, their home looking beautiful. Everyone was out their rooms watching her intently. Including the pregnant werewolf. Elijah and Rebekah wondered what it their sister would do to their brother. Niklaus had saw Marcel behind his wife and grabbed him by his throat ready to kill him.

"LEAVE HIM!" Rebekah shouted at her brother.

Fury hit Leah and in that moment she wanted to kill Klaus.

"LEAVE OUR SON ALONE!" She shouted grabbing her husband off him and throwing him to the wall.

His eyes shone yellow at his wife as did hers. He then had remembered once his curse had lifted hers would have too. He'd forgotten his wife was too a hybrid like him. Which means she'd have turned too. He imagined the pain she went through alone and his heart hurt.

"Touch my son and Klaus, I swear to god I will kill you myself, maybe then I'll be rid of my darling husband," she spoke furiously yet sarcastically when calling him her 'darling'.

"OUR SON! HE CONSPIRED AGAINST ME BEHIND MY BACK TOOK MY KINGDOM AND BROKE MY TRUST, he is not my son! Our son died the day he burned in that fire!" Klaus looked at his wife with anger yet he dared not lay a finger on her.



Leah had froze not knowing what to say. She hasn't forgot, she remembered their baby had died the night they had turned. Klaus knew what he had said was wrong as did his siblings Rebekah had remembered the night their child had died. That was the day she learned they couldn't die.

                 A thousand years ago

Elijah, Finn, Kol, Rebekah, Niklaus and Leah had awoken with a gasp.

"Mother, MOTHER WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" Nik had screamed at his mother.

"Drink boy," his father had said forcing Nik to drink the blood from a man in the village.

Elijah was already drinking the blood as where the rest except Leah. She looked down at her stomach where there was once a a baby. Hers and her husbands. Esther looked at Leah with pain written on her face knowing the loss of a child.

"Nik, our baby," she sobbed. 

The family has turned to look at her once very round stomach. Noticing that it was flat Rebekah had sobbed with her. Her heart aching for her best friend. 

"Mother, Mother what have you done, to the child YOUR GRANDCHILD!" Kol screamed at his mother Elijah looking at her.

"Mother you are the evil," Elijah spoke with disbelief.

"Mother no, why,"  Finn asked his heart aching for his sister and brother.

"Good riddance I say! Niklaus as a father, the child would have been a painter!" Mikeal shouted.

Nik had fed leah the blood as she sobbed. He felt hopeless in that moment. He didn't know what to say to his wife. They had tried for a child for a year and when his wife would finally have their baby it had been ripped away from them.

Leah couldn't cope with the loss of their child. She tried to kill herself. She has slit her throat with one of Mikeals blade when they where all out hunting. Esther was looking for her herbs and Leah was alone.

Rebekah and Kol had been the ones to find their sister. Rebekah had sobbed pulling her into her chest. Kol had looked at her unbelievingly muttering 'no' over and over again. He'd never admit it but she was his best Friend. Klaus had found his wife dead and held her tears rolling down his face.

Hours later she had awoken in her husbands arm and she cried.

"NO! No no I should be dead!" She cried.

"Leah no! Please no," klaus' voice broke in pain as he held his voice.

"How dare you Niklaus!" Elijah spoke.

"That was your child! THE CHILD YOU CONCEIVED OUT OF LOVE FOR YOUR WIFE!" Rebekah shouted at her brother looking at Leah.

Leah couldn't believe her husband or the words leaving his mouth. He was breaking her heart more and more. He knew it too, yet he kept doing it. When her heart broke his did too.

Leah strode towards her husband. A look in her eyes he couldn't explain. Marcel tried to tell her to leave with him but she refused.

"Niklaus, our child, our daughter is dead because your mother had turned us YOURS, YOUR MOTHER NIKLAUS, yet you hadn't uttered a word about it to her and your brothers and sister did, god I was a fool for loving you, for marrying you, I loved you through everything, the day you turned into what Mikel called a beast, I fought for you, the day you killed hundreds of villages, yet you have broke my heart again, I am your wife Niklaus does it not bother you!"

"You brought our enemy to our home!" He exclaimed to his wife.

"Nik he's our son, not your enemy! Their was a time you loved the both of us, Marcellus and I, it was years before you could even speak his name, yet now he's your enemy!"

With that she left before turning to her husband. Looking at him with tears falling down her face. 

"If our, my son is your enemy as am I!"

Leah has left the compound with her son her heart ached with pain and tears flowed down her face. Marcel had taken his mother to live in his home. A hotel wasn't fit for his queen. Elijah and Rebekah had looked at Niklaus with pity. They didn't know weather to pity him or hate him. No one did. After all it was the mighty Klaus Mikaelson.

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