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Leah had sat at the bar talking to Camille drinking a bottle scotch. Klaus had walked into the bar not noticing his wife and who was very drunk by now. Camille had served Klaus his drink as he flirted with her. His wife couldn't help but feel a bit jealous of the bartender. The big man had moved from between them and Klaus had noticed his wife sitting at the bar, pouring yet another drink for herself. He could see the pain in her eyes and it broke him because he once again caused it.

"Hello sweetheart, are you still in a mood," Klaus laughed sitting closer to his wife.

"Go to hell Klaus," his wife retorted, pouring yet another drink.

"Not calling me Nik? You break my heart love."

"Nik was the man I loved, I honestly don't even know the bastard in front of me!"

"Leah my love I didn't mean to throw our child in your face-"

"Good riddance you said, the same words Mikeal used, Niklaus you say you wish to be nothing like him yet you are You are the man who raised you!"

"Love I-"

"Niklaus leave me, I don't want to be with you, go to the mother of the child, the child you want, because you didn't want ours, either of them!"

"My love Marcellus is not our son he is not blood!"

"He is though Nik! We raised him, we fed him, we taught him to read and we loved him," her eyes held sadness and her voice held brokenness.

"Leah, love I-"

"Nik when did you stop loving me? Was it in 1920 when you met Stefan and I disliked him? Or was it in 1932 when I killed that girl who fancied you? Or maybe it was before that, when we where human and I tried killing myself, I had been weak then," she said downing her drink her voice breaking every time she spoke.

It was clear that Klaus had hurt her and he knew it. He'd hurt the woman he'd swore to protect.

"I've never stopped loving you, you're just being stubborn-"

"Stubborn Niklaus stubborn?" She asked in disbelief before pressing the bottle to her lips.

"I've done nothing but love you for a thousand years Nik, the fifty six years I wasn't with you Broke my heart, the night I turned into a werewolf I cried for you I wept so hard because I knew somewhere under the same moon you too where going through that pain, you broke your promise Nik," she spoke drink the bottle every time she felt to cry.

"Leah I am so sorry I will leave that child I swear to you I Won't even look at it if you want me to!"

"Nik you can't! It's a baby, your baby and I know you've always wanted a child, I remember telling you I was with child, the happiness you had shown, oh Nik everyone was overjoyed even your mother, for six months we were all so happy, after losing Henrik I never thought she'd be happy, she was so lovely to me, god Nik even Finn was happy so happy, then we lost her, when she died Nik I died too!"

"Leah please stop! do not talk of our daughter!"

Niklaus has already sped of with his wife her drunk state had scared him. She was so thin her eyes dark and her face cold. Nik knew the last time his wife was like this she'd almost lost her humanity and when Leah did not have her humanity almost everyone would die literally. However when her humanity was on she barely able to live with herself.

"Nik our daughter was meant to be our everything! She was going to kill people with her smile, she was the only thing you and I had made!"

"Leah i am sorry! How many more times do I have to apologise for it HOW MANY I told you I'd leave the child yet you will not let me!"

"NIKLAUS I WOULD NEVER LET YOU LEAVE A CHILD WHOM IS YOURS! I want you to be happy and I want your redemption, just like 'lijah, if this child and her mother are that, so be it!"


"Niklaus do not yell at me I'm the one meant to be angry, my fucking husband is having a child with another!"

"You my darling are my angel, my love, my wife, my other half, my everything I would never hurt you!"

"But you have Nik, so many times, you've cheated countless times, Tatia, Aurora, Caroline, yes I know about her too and your pregnant wolf, Niklaus I have never let another man touch me," Leah had cried remembering all the women her husband had loved.

"Leah you don't understand despite all the women you are the one I love, the only one I love," he said his eyes holding hers wiping her tears.

"Nik please, please forgive our son, treat him better, he needs his parents," that was when klaus dropped his wife's hand and looked at her in disbelief.


"Nik, please," her voice was begged brokenly and her head hurting.

Her husband left her speeding away someplace else. She had thought he'd look at Marcellus the way she did but he did not. She slid onto the floor her back against the wall sobbing, her face in her hands.

Elijah was the one to find her he had bent down handing her his hanker chief.

"Elijah I love him, I shouldn't but I do, a thousand years of marriage means nothing to him."

"My sister Niklaus will see the errors of his ways and he shall beg for forgiveness I promise you that."

"Maybe I should turn it off?"

"No Leah no you must not do that!"

"Maybe I should take up a lover."

"My sister, Niklaus would kill him," Elijah chuckled.

"Mom, are you okay?" Marcel asks as Elijah and I walk out of the alley Nik and I were arguing.

"I'm fine Marcellus what is wrong?"

"We have a problem."

Leah had looked over at her son and Elijah.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"I'll explain," Marcel said taking his mother home.

On their journey home Marcel had explained how papa tunde was been back and tried to harm him and Klaus and she panicked with worry. He had told his mother about everything including how klaus had been taken as had Rebekah and the pregnant wolf. He had told her how Klaus would find out about His and Rebekahs betrayal and Genevieve  would prove it to him.

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