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"Niklaus you will not harm neither of them!" Leah shouted as Elijah had plunged the dagger into Klaus instead of Rebekah who Nik had pinned onto the floor.

"Both of you run as far and as fast as you can, NOW RUN!" Elijah shouted to Marcel and Rebekah.

Elijah had gently placed klaus onto the floor and Leah rushed over to him unable to watch him in pain taking his head into her lap.

Elijah and Leah had helped Nik to the compound and into his bed. Leah had ripped his t shirt going to take her hand into his chest to pull out the dagger.

"No sister, this was all him," Elijah had said taking her hand away from his chest.

Leah couldn't bare to see him in pain yet she knew if she took it out he would kill both her best friend and her son. She couldn't possibly risk it. Instead she placed a gentle kiss on his head and left the room.
As she left she ran into Hayley the pregnant wolf.

"Hey," Leah had muttered.

"Hi, I am so sorry, I didn't know he had a wife, until I met Elijah-"

"It's fine honestly, I should be used to this," she smiled sadly at the young girl.

"Why do you put up with it?" The younger girl asked curiously.

"Darling a thousand years of love and marriage is not a joke."

"A thousand years with klaus, wow I'd hate that," she chuckled and Leah smiled softly.

"He wasn't always evil you know, anyways you should rest I heard you nearly went up in smoke, and that's not good for the child," she said remembering her husbands daughter.

"Why don't you hate me and the baby?" She asked looking at her guilty.

"I could never hate a child, nor a woman who hadn't known the man she slept with was married, it is not your fault it is his, now go rest," Leah Had said to Hayley softly before going to get a blood bag.

Leah smiled as she opened the mini fridge in Niks room and saw the blood bag she knew was hers since it read b positive. Nik nor anyone else apart from Kol has liked that yet Leah loved it.

"Elijah it must be time to remove the dagger," Leah had said looking at her brother in law pleading him.

"I intend to remove it right now," he told her digging his hand into his brothers chest.

Leah was about to leave the room when Elijah had called her back.

"Why am I still here Elijah?"

"Because out of everyone you're the one who he won't immediately slaughter," he said watching over her and his brother before leaving them.

Klaus had groaned in pain as Elijah attempted to find the dagger in klaus' chest. After a couple of seconds he had found it and pulled it out.

"Leah as he recovers Niklaus will be very weak soo please watch over him and feed him if you would but slowly from your wrist because you know he likes it," Elijah said looking at his sister in law as she blushed.

"Perhaps use the time constructively and persuade him not to kill his baby sister and your best friend."

Elijah had moved in closer to his brother before saying "Niklaus I do not want yo bring you any pain but you can not hurt your sister."

"Elijah you will pay for digging that dagger in my chest," Klaus Groaned weakly.

And he was gone leaving Leah alone with her husband. Leah had wished she was anywhere but here. Being around her husband had her feeling horrible about herself. Feelings she didn't want to experience.

She had sat next to him and moved her arm close to him her wrist in his hand and he looked at her with doubt she only sighed and nodded. Before moving her wrist to his mouth he had mutter something inaudible but she ignored him.

"Nik she's your sister you can not hate her," Leah said softly to her husband.

"I can, she has done what no one other than you could she had ripped out my heart, it must be karma for everything I have done to you my love," he mumbled sad yet weakly. 

Klaus moved over to the other side of the bed buttoning his shirt. Leah had watched as his hands shook still weak from the blade. Sighing she moved over to him and pushed his hands away before buttoning it for him. 

"1919, we where happy, all of us but they betrayed us both and brought the man we all had spent an eternity running from, how could you forgive them?"

"Because they are family And family stick together, now Nik lay back down you're not strong enough."

Niklaus had softened to the sound of his wife's voice and lay back in bed. Groaning in pain as doing so. Leah hated watching her husband so helpless this wasn't the klaus she'd known and she hated that.

"My love I am sorry for earlier, when I left you in that alley crying," klaus said to his wife as she offered him her wrist again.

"Not right now klaus."

"You only call me Klaus when you're angry or upset, yet call me Nik in love."

Leah had smiled softly noticing her husband had realised that. He had always been her Nik the one who she'd loved as the Ages flew past them. She loved him even when he slaughtered millions of people. She was sat at the couch not far from his bed remembering all the dirty things they had done in that very room.

Klaus had started to move and nearly fell as leah caught him he was trying to leave.

"Nik please you're still weak," his wife told him pushing him back to the bed.

"I'm hungry," he has complained and she had looked at him like he was stupid.

"Nik I am feeding you."

"No I could hurt you."

"Just drink," she said shoving her wrist near his mouth yet he refused.

"Klaus be a good little boy and get back to bed."

"If I had a quid for every time a woman has tried that-"

"You'd be so broke I know."

Leah had been far to close to her husband for her liking and she shuddered as she moved away leaving him sadly on the bed as she tuned to breathe.

"Do you remember les huguenots?"he asked his wife who's back was now towards him.

"You loved the story, you said it was a tale of forbidden love that caught your attention."

He smiled at his wife getting to his feet holding the bed for Balance. She looked at him as if he'd snap at any second.

"In there a father even kills his own son in the final
Act, the irony." He said smiling weakly to the one who smiled sadly at him.

Her husband looked torn as if he was about to almost shed a tear for both his sister and the man he though of as a son betraying him.

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