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A/N: I made this tracklist for Iris' first mini-album, and if you want to listen to it I made a playlist on my Spotify here: 


my username is iamtheloveofkpop, and the playlist is titled Re: Birth- Iris

And now on with the Epilogue.

I had met BTS, my soulmates in March of 2019, they then helped me to debut around a year later in February of 2020. Today was October 9, 2020, and the guys were once again on tour since they released Map of the soul persona in April of 2020, and Map of the soul 7 in August. Since my debut, I have released a mini-album in July, titled Re: Birth. There are 8 tracks on it for a total of 26 minutes, so along with my debut single dreams, it lasted just under 30 minutes. Perfect for opening a BTS concert if I do say so myself, which is what I'm doing for this tour. I open the concert and then I come out again during our collaboration song, Boy with Love. I was currently squashed between Hobi and Jin as they slept on my shoulders on the plane on our way to my hometown, Dallas, Texas. We finished in California last night and will be in Dallas for two shows before moving on to Houston. We would be performing at the cotton bowl, the same place I had met my soulmates.

As we prepare for landing Sejin lets us know that the Van can only pick ten people, so either Cherry or I would have to drive, since we were both American, our licenses were still valid. I look to Cherry who just nods. I'm driving. This was gonna be great cause I truly drive like a Texan.

Joon then looked to Cherry and spoke

"You're really gonna let Iris drive?"

Cherry laughs before replying

"Yeah, Iris is from Dallas and I'd rather not deal with the hell that it I635"

I scoff and reply

"At Least I'm not from Houston, y'alls roads probably haven't been repaved since they were put down and the Houston highway interchange, that's hell."

"Okay that's valid, still I635 I'd rather not."

We laughed at each other, missing good ol' Texas banter. The guys and Sejin were looking at us like we were crazy but we didn't mind. We were finally home to our lone star state. The plane landed and we quickly made it through tons of fans to the van.

Cherry sat in the passenger seat next to me as I adjusted the seat to my short frame. After everyone was buckled up, I made my way out of DFW airport toward our hotel, with the help of maps of course.

The boys were doing fine with my driving, that is until I got on the highway and followed the speed of traffic. I got into the left lane and kept speed, perfectly safe. I then hear Jin yell

"How fast are you going?!?!"

I look down at my speedometer and reply

"Only 95 mph so not too fast"

I then hear Hoseok slowly ask

"How fast is that in kph?"

Namjoon then responds

"Roughly 153 kph."

They all hold onto each other tighter, exclaiming how I'm going to kill them. Cherry then responds

"Welcome to Texas where speed limits are just suggestions."

When we pull up to the hotel all the Korean men practically tackle each other to get out of what they deemed a death trap, honestly a bit dramatic if you ask me. Cherry and I calmly get out of the car high fiving as we follow the 8 men trying to keep their balance into the hotel.

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