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Klaus had sped past Leah with the white oak stake she had followed him only to see him feeding on someone he had compelled. Shaking her head she walked towards him.

"Oh Niklaus," she had sighed looking at him touching his face.

"Leah you remember, you remember everything that night, THE NIGHT HE CHASED US OUT OF THIS CITY THE CITY WE BUILT, THE CITY YOU LOVED!"

"Nik I remember, that night I lost my son and-"


"Nik please don't hurt them they're our family they are your child's family."

"I tried to save Marcel that night, for you and our family, but it didn't work, we had to flee and we watched as it Burnt into ground with our son in it, he died that night leah that was the night Marcellus Gerad died to our family."

"Klaus please-"

"Leah I assure you I will not terrorise my sister and Marcel for centuries nor will I humiliate or dehumanise then none of that, instead I'll simply and quickly end them."

"Nik wait!"

As she called out to him he was gone sped away again and leah shouted in frustration. With that she had followed him to the cemetery.

I hope Marcel and Rebekah weren't here. If any god was real I pray they weren't here.

"Sister we have a grave problem Rebekah is here we're all trapped me, you, Niklaus and Rebekah."

"'Lijah I  tried talking to Nik but he wouldn't listen  I explained how she was his sister but he didn't care-"


Leah had heard her husband shout for his sister and she and Elijah both sped towards him. They both hadn't known what to say to Klaus to calm him down. They hadn't seen klaus so angry not even at his mother. 

"Leah, Elijah?" Rebekah said in fear walking towards them as she saw them approach the corner of the cemetery.

"You should be on the other side of the world right now beks not here!" Leah said to her friend knowing Klaus had been unstoppable.

"That wouldn't have been far enough for our dear Niklaus."

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" Klaus shouted towards his wife and brother as he approached the corner anger visible in his face.

"She's mine," Klaus said his eyes turning yellow.

Elijah gripped the dagger in his hand and Nik had looked to him his face never leaving Elijah's.

"He has the white oak stick Elijah," Rebekah said her voice shaking.

"I brought it for you, little sister ,"

Leah had took Rebekah and sped away from both Klaus and Elijah. Leah had watched Rebekah cry her hand on her head and leah crouched down to her moving her hair out of his face. Neither of them had saw Niklaus this angry in their life's together.

"He's going to kill me."

"Rebekah I will not let him kill you, I swear that to you!"

"Marcellus is working on a way to get you out with his witch friend Davina and The three of you must leave the city."

"Leah we have lived centuries looking over our shoulder am I to go back to that?"

"Rebekah I will do what I must to keep you safe I promise you."

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