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"Why must you defend her?" Her husband asked her now with both his sister and brother gone.

"Niklaus, Rebekah is stubborn, she has a temper, which we both know she gets from you, she's quick to fall in love but no doubt in my mind she loves you, as do I and I also know your malicious ways have broken her heart, she made a mistake Nik, just like you and i have over the years, shes been around for a thousand years of course her mistakes will be worse than others!"

"You will really stand with the enemy!"

"Niklaus so help me but I am losing my patience with you!"

"Are you really going to stand against me?"

"Yes Nik I am and if you harm a hair on her head I will never forgive you for as long as I live!"

"What makes you think I care weather or not you forgive me?" He had asked his wife laughing at that question.

"You don't care Nik? Huh I will leave you this time I promise you that I will never love you as I do again."

"Lies! You do not love me! You treat me as I'm a monster!"

She was now in front of her husband the stake and dagger in her pocket.

"Because Niklaus you are a monster, but you are the monster I love, you are a monster as am I, as is our whole family, yet we love, we love each other more than any human possibly could and Niklaus the day I vowed to love and cherish you for an eternity I meant it, even if it hadn't gone our way, every word we had promised each other I have kept for a thousand years and I'll keep them a thousand more if I have to, there is no one else I'd rather love, no one I'd rather spend my life with and if I were human, no one else I'd rather have my family with, you Niklaus are everything to me."

Her face was inches from hers he could feel her breath on his face and her his yet she couldn't kiss him. She couldn't bring herself to shower him with affection as she did.

Klaus had leaned in to kiss his wife yet he hadn't known the mental battle she had gone through weather she should or not. Instead she'd moved putting distance between them. Knowing she shouldn't.

"You claim you love me yet you can not kiss me."

"Nik I can't, because I know the second I do you'll break my heart again and I can not do that."

"I will not hurt you my sweet Angel, I will love you."

"You have promised me that for centuries Nik, yet here we are, I'm alone and you have your family and you have a child-"

"That's what it's about! The child-"


"Leah I hadn't meant-"

"No Nik you hadn't meant anything!"

"My love-"

"Maybe I should end this miserable life, I have the white oak stake in my hand-"


"That's just it Nik I can and I should because I've lived a life of sadness and Pain."

"I want us to live in the compound, me, you the child."


"Sister?" It has been Rebekah's small voice that spoke breaking the conversation.

"Niklaus you will not move, or harm your sister, swear to me, SWEAR TO ME NIK."


"Nik please," she spoke hey eyes begging his.

He was never able to turn down his wife, no matter what maybe it was the way her voice was soft and gentle as if she where an Angel or maybe it was the way he long brown locks fell over her shoulders or her big blue eyes looked. What ever it was he knew he couldn't say no.

"Fine, I swear to you."

Nik had gone to talk to Rebekah and Elijah had sat next to leah who debated weather or not she should just  stab herself with the white oak. Maybe then she wouldn't feel the pain she had felt on that first night of transitioning and loosing her child. She too like Finn didn't like what she had become. The difference was that she wouldn't show it where Finn would.

"Sister, I am eternally grateful for you, without you I fear Niklaus would become this evil creature one who harmed even his own sister."

"Elijah do you think Nik is grateful our child had died that awful night?"

"No Sister I think it had hurt him as much as much as it hurt you."

"Then why act this way towards me, as if he loves me yet he doesn't?"

"I am sorry for Niklaus' actions against you and I am sorry he treats you that way."

"I love him, yet I can not bring myself to love him as I did when we where human, everything felt so real, soo happy then, Rebekah and I would talk about our families how we'd always remain friends even as we where old and wrinkly."

"Yes I do remember them conversations Rebekah and Nik would argued with who'd have the more smarter children, yet we all knew it would have been me," he said laughing to leah about the memory he that felt like soo long ago.

"Leah I am very sorry this course was bestow upon you from my family."

"Our family Elijah, this curse if from our family."

It had grew dark and the cemetery grew colder than the night before and leah had taken off her heels as her feet ached. Niklaus as sat beside his dear wife and noticed how cold she had been. He took of his coat and wrapped his wife into it she had first refused but she knew he had saw her shiver.

Hours had passed and the boundary spell had broken. Rebekah would leave town and not return as would Marcellus. She and Klaus have made that deal. Klaus had noticed how his wife had dozed of into a deep sleep. It had looked as if she hadn't slept in days. Weeks perhaps. Klaus picked up his wife
And sped home Hayley was in the compound worried at how she hadn't seen them for a while. Elijah had told her everything was fine as was Rebekah. Klaus lay his wife out on the bed changing her into something more comfortable. He placed her on the right side since she'd prefer it but it hadn't ever mattered to Klaus. He had hoped she hadn't killed him in the morning. Slowly sleep hit him as he lay next to her.

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