Chapter 11

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Kates Pov

I wake up to My alarm going off. I really don't want to get up but Lucas and Dax are coming to pick me up At 11:00 So the 30 day trial will start. I get out of bed and walk into the bathroom to take a shower to wake myself up a little bit. I wash my whole body and shave my legs and armpits. I get and brush my hair and put it in two braids. I ended up just putting on My care bear sweater and some Jeans. I packed My bags last night before I went to bed so I was already ready for the Day. I really wanted some Hot coco so I put some water Into my electric kettle and started it up. I looked at the time and saw it was only 10:27 so I sat down and started to watch Steven Universe waiting for them to come.As I'm waiting I keep getting up to make more Hot coco. I think at this point I have drank Five or six cups. As I'm pouring another cup of coco I hear a knocking at the door.I walk over to the door and and open it up and see lucas and dax standing there with Big as smirks on there faces.

" Ready to go Hon?" Lucas asks

"Yeah just give me on sec" I say I walk over and grab a travel Mug and pour my Hot coco and my duffle bag I turn around and Dax picked up a few of my Hot cocoa mix that I left on the counter.

" Oh sorry forgot to throw those away" I say as I try to grab it from him, But he raised his arms so that i couldn't reach it.

" How many have you had?" He says give me "The look"

"I don't know five or six. It's a big deal if you drink coffee don't you?  I really don't think you guys only drink one cup of coffee" I said

"Yeah but you can't have Six cups of sugary CoCo. That's bad for you." He says

" Fine" I say

" Now let's get going" Dax says

We headed out the door after they Made me pour out my Hot Coco, Meanies. He headed down to their truck and Lucas opened the door for me and I saw it. The most evil Thing in the WHole WORLD.  The booster Seat .

" No " I said looking up at lucas

" No, what ?" Hes asks

" I'm Not getting into that evil Thing " I say pointing at the booster seat.

" Oh you're getting into it if you want to or not it's there to keep you Safe" Lucas says as he lifts me up and puts me into the evil Thing.

" See Not so bad is it?" He says

" I hate it "

"Oh stop pouting you Big baby" He says as he get into the car

It feels like we have been driving for ever but in reality we have been driving for five miutes.As we pull up to their house my mouth Just drops. They Live here,i'm going to be living here for the next 30 days? This place is like a castle.Is this where Blair goes every Night?

" There is a few people that Live here but Most people there are just there for the day so don't be scared" Dax says to me as we pull up and he drives into the garage.

" I'm not scared of anything" I say as daxs opens the door and helps me out of the booster seat. We walk into the house and its so pretty everything is shiny. Its has a dark theme to it like a haunted house type of thing but not as scary.

As I'm looking around I now Noice a group of people standing in a strange line staring at me.I get a little scared and hind behind dax and lucas and they just chuckle at me.

" Not scared of anything Huh?" Lucas asks me. I give him evil eyes for making fun of me.

"Everyone This is Kate she will be staying here for a bit , she is a sub and little so you guys know the rules.Now carry on with your day"Dax says and after is finished talking everyone just left.

" So ready for us to show you around " Daxs asks me

" Yes please" I say

We started on the bottom floor they showed me the kitchen first is was really nice had a big fridge and a big land in the middle and the dinning room was right next to it It had a really long table,As we are walking i see i door and i ask them what's in there and they say it's the basement and I'm not Allowed in there.Will see about that. They showed me the living room it had a big fireplace and a really big cowch.After that we headed up stairs and they showed my office and it was nice, The is was there bed rooms and right In the middle of both of their bed rooms was A yellow door and when i asked them what was in there they just smiled at me and told me to look and see.I open the door and see a wonderland.It was a room for a little There was a conner of the room that looked So cozy It had so many stuffed animals and little star pillows to sit on and right next to it was two really big book shelves and filled with so many books to read From Big girl books to little me books there was a princess bed right in the middle of the room and it was so pretty, it had these Black out curtains on the side of the beds There were these black dressers next to the bed and one really bed one on the other side with a mirro. The walls were a bark Navy blue with little bubbles painted on it. This room was so pretty.

" Wow " I say

" You like it because this will be your room" Lucas says

" Really?! Thank you Thank you Thank you ' I say as I run up and hug them both

" Well get settled and put your things away and then come down to the kitchen so you can decorate your rules' ' They say as they both leave the room.


Hey guys I hope this is okay. I know it isn't as long as you were hoping for but I still hope you enjoyed this. HAve a wonderful day My Loves.

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