Chapter Six

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Four days left to settle my debt with Erassy.

What worries me is that we still didn't even reach half the amount thats needed to pay him back.

I'm really starting to give in to the idea of getting married to Namboga.

Erasing the thought from my mind to avoid a headache, I hear the bell at the door ring indicating a recent customer. As soon as the customer came in,the Café fell silent.

I look up and immediately freeze.

He's here.

The one and only Tyson is here,in my Café.

Shit,what do I do?

Danny didn't come in today because she caught a flu. Note to self: Going for a late night splash is not a good idea.

Before I could walk towards him,he starts to stride towards me.

As soon as he was in front of me, I got to see how beautifully sculptured his face really is.

His face is stone cold, but still he looks like a greek God.

"Good afternoon sir,my name's -", I begin to introduce myself but I'm quickly cut off.

"Ammy, I know",he says with disgust.

I'm confused.

"Oh,your mother mustn't mentioned my name", I say feeling akward.

I gesture for him to take a seat and I do the same.

Ignoring the weird and shocked glances I'm getting from some customers, I start talking.

"Well sir, I'm pretty sure that you're interested in getting married with a broke lady like me,so long story short I'm refusing the proposal", I say.

His eyes darted towards me,"what did you say?"

I leaned back in my chair stiffly,"n_nothing".

"Don't. "He warns. "It was fucking something, repeat what you said",he snaps.

I'm absolutely terrified.

"I said, I won't get married to you", I say just below a wisper.

"You don't have a fucking choice",he growls.

I felt my head spinning and panic filled my throat .

His words are harsh,but its the truth.

Now I really get to feel what is meant by 'The truth hurts'.

"Cat got your tongue?",he asks annoyed. "Look, I don't get why the hell my daughter took a liking in you so much but I sure as hell don't because I . Don't. Like .You. One. Bit,but I'll move mountains just for my daughter's happiness. Me getting married to you is one.",he says between clenched teeth.

All I do is slump down in my seat and beg for my tears not to spill.





With my choices being limited, getting married to this scary man is the only choice left.

"Okay", I give in .

"Don't know why it took you so long to process that this is your only way out. ",He says running his hand through his hair.

"I don't know about you but its not easy making a decision, mind you not just any random decision but a life changing decision for that matter. Of course I'll need a lot of time to process and analyse this situation first", I wisper yell to avoid attracting more attention than we already are.

"Yeah right",he says clearly ignoring my rant.

I can't believe this guy.

"Tommorow I'll send my driver to pick you up at 3pm. Now that we've agreed on getting married,its time to start planning the wedding don't you think",he says.

"Yeah,sure", I answer.

"I'll take my leave now. ",He says getting up from his seat. With one last glance, he's gone.

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