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Klaus was the first to awaken as the sun had hit his face. He had noticed how his wife bore a peaceful expression. He knew the moment she'd awaken that she would be gone. Elijah had entered the room as it was now noon and noticed klaus hush him as his wife lay on his chest.

"Dear brother, Leah will most likely get angry at you if she is woken up to your face," Elijah said sighing knowing his little sister well.

"Well Elijah I do not care," klaus mumbled to his older brother playing with his wife's hair.

"Elijah even if I get to hold her for a mere few seconds it feels as if I am complete."

"Brother-" both brothers where interrupted by the maid bringing in a tray of food for both Leah and Klaus.

The tray had Leah's favourite food placed on their nicely. The breakfast consisted of Beignets, pancakes, eggs and coffee. He knew his wife would not be able to resist them so he had the maid prepare her breakfast in hope she would stay.

"Brother no amount of food will keep her here," Elijah said to his brother sadly.

Klaus had known that yet he wanted her to stay. He had shot Elijah a look as his wife began to stir in his Arms, Elijah shook his head and sped away.

"Good morning my love," Klaus said lovingly to his wife only to wake up in shock at the sound of his voice.

"Why am I here?" She asked getting out of bed demanding answers from her husband. 

"You fell asleep last night and I-"

"You hadn't thought to place me in a separate room?" Her anger rising at her husband.

It had been just then she noticed the breakfast table. Her favourite foods lay on the tray and as if her stomach had saw them and made a noise.

"I had them prepared especially for you."

"I- I must leave Niklaus."

Niklaus had hoped his wife would stay but he knew she wouldn't and he grew angry as she started to put on her clothes. They where now on the middle of the compound and she was furious at her husband yet she hadn't known why.


"I have told you constantly how sorry I am yet you walk away from me every time Do you want me to beg for your forgiveness, I AM KLAUS MIKAELSON I DO NOT BEG!"

"Niklaus I am your wife do not raise your voice at me, I have begged for your love for centuries, every time you would show affection to another, now you think one sorry and I'll jump straight into your arms!"

"You're scared of loving me," klaus said accusing his wife of the thing they both know true.

"I am not scared Niklaus."

"Prove it," he spoke confidently knowing his wife would always prove herself right.

"Fine," and as her stubbornness hit her and she walked over to him.

Her hands where around his neck and she smashed her lips onto his. At first he had been surprised as if he was dreaming but he kissed her back almost immediately. It had felt as if she hadn't kissed him in an eternity. His arm had reached her ass and he picked her up onto him. God her ass he thought to himself. Nik had sped to the bedroom and threw her onto the bed him hovering over her.

"Nik," she moaned only turning him on more.

"Leah I am going to fuck You in so many positions you'll never want to leave," he said his breathing hard as he kissed her more. 

His hands tore open the shirt she'd been wearing and his was already off.

"Niklaus make love to me, I don't want to be fucked."

"Your wish is my command," he mumbled his lips kissing her neck making his way down.

Hours later both Niklaus and Leah had been out of breath. He knew she was the only one for him. And she knew he was the one for her.

"Nik that was amazing," she muttered noticing how the once fixed bed had now been broken.

Outside it was dark and leah had known she'd regret what just had happened but she couldn't help it. He was her husband after all so it wouldn't harm anyone.

"Leah turn around," Nik said noticing a mark on his wife's shoulder one he hadn't understood until now.

"You have the same crescent mark as Hayley did this happen after your first turn?"

The second she heard the name of Niklaus' pregnant wolf she turned and slapped her husband. Hearing her husband utter them words she had felt dirty.

"You're disgusting Nik," She had pushed her husband off her and put on her clothes speeding out.

Klaus hadn't meant to hurt her but He has tried to help explain the mark she had always wondered about in her human life. One he had recently learnt about himself. Leah has sped out of the compound her anger evident.

"Brother what have you done now?" Elijah asked pouring himself a drink sighing to himself.

"I had mentioned Leah now having the same crescent mark as Hayley on-"

"Oh brother you really are a handful."

Leah had been feasting on anyone she could find killing them with their heads ripped off. She was just about to call her son, who had now been residing over the river. However before she was able to a witch had come and chanted words that where hardly audible to her. It was the which witch had previously touched Rebekah and almost had both her and Marcel killed.

Leah hadn't been able to get up as this woman had spelled her and she tried to fight her way out of this predicament wanting to kill the bitch who destroyed her family. Yet she couldn't move the next thing she knew her neck  was snapped and everything darkened.

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