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-New year's special-


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-Third POV-

Another year ending in a few days; it was filled with a lot of emotions, not all good. But there they were- the h/c and platinum blonde couple.

"Inumaki, are you going back home for New year's?" Y/n asked hoping he'd say no for them to spend time together.

"Tuna." he nodded enthusiastically. Hiding her frown she gave him a small smile ensuring that it was all good.

The two were now in seperate rooms. The girls and the boys were discussing their plans as for now.
The girls including; Nobara, Y/n and Maki whereas the boys including; Itadori, Inumaki, Megumi, Panda and Gojou.

"I heard you're going to stay in the dorms for New year's, aren't you gonna go to your cousin's?" Maki questioned the frowning girl.

"No, I was hoping to spend some time with ya guys and Inumaki; but he's made plans with his family." She explained.
As much as Maki wanted to smack Inumaki's face, he wasn't there. She was going to take care of him later.
For now she wanted to comfort Y/n.

"Well, uhm; I'm gonna be here so we can check out the new coffee shop!" Nobara explained. With the Maki gave her a thumbs up.
'Nice going' she mouthed.

Y/n's eyes lit up. She wanted to spend new year's with them too. So she was hopeful and happy.

"Yes! I can't wait!" With that all the girls were satisfied with the plans they made.

→ Going to a coffee for Y/n.
→ Watching a movie for Maki.
→ Shopping for Nobara.

The other room was a mess at this point. Gojou got up and said "We should go to a club."

"We're underage." Megumi pointed out while raising an eyebrow at his teacher's dumbness.

"We can go to Jennifer Lawrence's' meet and greet!" Yuuji said enthusiastically

"No. Clubbing it is." Gojou wasn't having any of it. for fuck sakes;, he deserves a break from being so awesome.

"Oh, I was wondering if we could spend time with Y/n. She was talking about how she hasn't celebrated Christmas or New year's with her family. She kinda said we're like it." Panda put a paw up to his face.

"I don't know about you guys but I knitted a black sweater for her. Maybe I should do another one." Panda said softly.

Pang of guilts ran over the room. Everyone were scolding themselves.
Gojou was sad because he didn't think about his daughter, Inumaki was mad at himself because he didn't consider the chance.

"It is decided! we're spending time with Y/n" Gojou's declaration got nods from all over the room.

The boys planned their holidays

→ celebrate New year's with Y/n as a family.

With that they waited till it was 30th December. Finally their day arrived.

Everyone of them got a gift in front of their door. It was wrapped in their favourite colour and it was by Y/n. It was easy to tell because of her handwriting.

Gojou opened his gift to find a framed photo of him and her. She was beside him laughing and he was next to her pouting. It was truly wholesome. Next to that he found a note.

'Happy new year's dad.
Love Y/n.'

He almost started crying.

Itadori got posters of Jennifer Lawrence and he was running around the school trying to find Y/n to thank her.

'I'm sure she'd love you if she knew.
Love Y/n.'

Megumi got a painting that he really wanted. It was re-drawn by her. He was content.

'I thought you'd be into it.
Love Y/n.'

Panda got a skirt. Panda was talking bout how his sister wanted it so Y/n got her sewing kit and made one for him. Panda was happy and crying thinking about how she remembered.

'I hope your sister likes it.
Love Y/n.'

Maki got a sword. As soon as she saw it she went to the nearest Gojou sensei to try it out. That left her amazed at the sword and Gojou traumatized.

'For a badass girl.
Love Y/n.'

Nobara absolutely loved her dress. It was done by Y/n again. She wanted to give her a bear hug and go out with her.

'For a beautiful girl.
Love Y/n.'

Lastly Inumaki was given a ring. With words 'Eternal Love.' engraved on it.

'My undying love for you.
Love Y/n.'

With that everyone loved what they got. The only thing lingering in their mind was where the hell Y/n was.


After searching for her. Inumaki finally found her on the top of the dorms. She was sleeping on her back and looking at the starts. Humming all while doing so.
Going near her, he startled her.

"Inumaki? You didn't go to your parents'?" she asked surprised.

"Tuna." he signed her so she knew he wanted to spend time with her.

Humming in response, they both huddled in each other's warmth. Melting at the touch.
Their heat enough to get them through the cruel cold.

"I'm really glad I get to spend time with you here." saying that she interwined her fingers into his.
He hummed and gave her a closed eyed smile. Slowly caressing her head and pecking it slightly.

"I love you Y/n." That's all he could mutter in his voice. Even though it was close to a whisper; she didn't miss it.

"I love you too, Inumaki." With that the lover's spent their evening star grazing and falling in love for the night.

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