Wild Fire

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Hello, my name is Author-nim Xena. This will be my first book and my debut, so I hope you like reading it.

I'll see you in the following chapter of this narrative. I apologize in advance if there are several grammar and spelling issues, since I will only fix these once I complete the book. Also, I do not own BTS; all credit goes to BigHit.

This is a fictional work. Names, people, businesses, locations, events, and occurrences are either made up by the author or utilized in a fictional way. Any resemblance to actual people or events, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Every right is retained. You are not permitted to distribute, publish, transmit, alter, display, or create derivative works from the contents of this piece, nor are you permitted to exploit it in any way. Please seek permission.

This author note is getting longer so I must start and go on with the first chapter! I must see you there! Borahae Amies! 💜


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