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Siah Amari Miller🌅
downtown,New York.

waking up under Moni's foot I lifted it up sniffing it then wiping my eyes. by the time we woke up Tylil still wasn't here which pissed me off

what if we didn't show up last night ?

and then something happened to Zahnay

looking at the head of the bed Zahnay was sitting there drawing silently leaning her head on Moni's chest

she looked tired as if she had barley gotten sleep

I got up and headed to the bathroom so I could handle my business

after I finished I washed my hands with the bar of soap and dried them off

"you ate something?" I asked her sitting on the bed

she shook her head, I checked the time seeing it was around 10:30 so I already knew they put the food up downstairs

sighing I figured we'd wait until Tylil got back so I could beat his ass.

I changed the Channel a couple of times to Nickelodeon so we could watch it

Zahnay had continued to play with the chain on Moni's neck while she drew

I let her be as I fell back asleep

..... an hour later

feeling the girls moving I heard the door unlock making me sit up

they already seemed to be awake

Tylil walked in sloppily squinting his eyes at us, clenching my jaws I could see that he was drunk or even high... maybe both

"the fuck you doing here?" he asked dropping the card on the desk


"you called them?" he continued to question Zah pushing the chair to the side

she stayed silent putting her book away

"son, where the fuck you been at," I asked him getting up

he slightly shook his head laughing

once I got closer the whiff of alcohol and weed hit me. I took a bottle of water opening it, handing it off to him.

I can't even look at him like this

Zahnay removed herself from the bed to sit next to him hugging him tightly but he didn't hug back this time

"my nigga you acting like this shit cool. I'm not holding how I feel back... you could've talked to us. why the fuck would you let her stay here by herself dick head! something is really wrong with you, set a better example,"

"that's your sister not a fucking random," I began to get mad adding onto my words

he just stared at the desk quietly

"I'm not dealing with this right now," I said to myself putting my shoes back on

"Zahnay, put something comfortable on we going for a ride,"

"you not taking her nowhere!" Tylil got up

I sucked my teeth going into the closet. I grabbed a coat, sweatshirt, tank top, and some jeans for her,

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