Chapter 29

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I took a shower trying to wash all the blood from my mouth. I stood there for a while letting the water flow down my body. I hopped out and wrapped a white towel around me. I reach for a smaller one for my hair but there was none left.

Still in my towel I walk downstairs to grab another one. I look in the cabinets and found the smaller towels. I turn around to find Kira and Scott standing there. I shriek "Why doe's everyone appear when I'm in a towel!"

They chuckle and I tilt my head to the side making them stop. Scott looked away while Kira started talking "We need your help, meet us at the Argent's warehouse, once your ready. You shouldn't have troubles entering." Then they left closing the door behind them.

I groan and sulked up to room. I blow dried my hair while picking out another outfit. I grabbed a black leather jacket from a hanger and jeans from my drawers. I wore a white t-shirt underneath my jacket. I paired my outfit with black lace up boots. I braid my hair and put it to one side with strands shaping my face.

I grabbed my bag of necessities and my phone. I had an unread text. I opened my phone to read it, all it said was the address of Argents warehouse. I turned on my maps and walked out of the house into the direction of the warehouse.

I got to the warehouse and it is very eerie. I walked through its dark rooms and hallways. I heard a low growl then hushed whispers from multiple people. I walked towards the voices to find a bunch of people huddled around across a big room. They all went silent when I showed up and they were all staring at me. Some
were hurt and some were not.

I took a deep breath noticing that they are wolves. I saw Scott and once he saw me he walked up to me. "Who are they?" I asked once again looking at the faces most of them scared.

We start walking further "It's a pack and the assassins that want money from the dead pool are trying to kill them. We found out that Meredith is the Benefactor, she's currently at the sheriff station under questioning."

That was a lot, we continued walking and Kira joined us holding Scotts hand. How was Meredith behind the dead pool. Scott told me to introduce myself to others.

I walked around and saw Brett remembering him as one of the kids from Devonford Prep lacrosse team. I sat next to him against a wall, he looked confused but didn't ask questions. I look at him while he was looking away, him and Mason would be cute couple.

I situated my backpack in front of me on my lap. I cross my legs while going through bag. I pulled out a blood bag and twisted off the cap. I drank it letting my black veins fill my cheeks.

Brett looked over at me and he gave me a dumbfounded look. "Why are you drinking blood?" He asked making lots of people look at me once again.

I let out a chuckle "I'm a vampire? Did Scott not tell you this?" I thought he would've told a room full of werewolves that I'm a vampire especially since I'm the only one here.

Brett shook his head. I continued to drink the rest of the blood. I threw the bag back in and searched for some snacks. I pulled out an avocado.

When did I put and avocado in?

There was a knife, a spoon, and a small plastic bag which I assume is for the seed. Maybe I did put it in for a reason. I cut the avocado open, put the seed in the plastic bag, then put the small bag into my backpack. I ate half of it then offered the other half to Brett.

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and took it. "Vampires eat avocados?" He said with a smirk.

I laugh and rest my head against the wall. "We can eat whatever we want. What about you? What type of kibble do you prefer?" He let out a low growl but I heard a couple people near us chuckle. I smirked right back at him while he rolled his eyes.

A couple minutes later Chris appeared. He got a warm greeting from Brett who growled and was about to rip his arm off.

I was still sitting but it didn't stop me from chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Sadly he got stopped by Scott before anything happened.

I could've betted and I would've betted on Argent. Brett sulks off back to his spot next to me. Scott has to explain everything again to Chris.

I look at Brett still obviously angry and start bursting out in laughter. He looked at me and started huffing out growls. With one hand I hold my stomach and with the other I plant it on the ground to stop from toppling over.

"This is Argents place why on earth would you attack him?"

He stopped sulking and finally cracked a smile "I was just bored." I let out some more laughs before calming down. "Why on earth were you chanting fight?" He said clearly mocking me.

I looked him in the eyes and say "Just wanted some fun. Everything is so gloomy here. Chris would've won anyways." He scoffs and stares off into the distance.

Derek and Braeden show up and I walk over to them. I was careful to watch where Chris set up motion detectors so I didn't accidentally set one off.

I came right when their conversation was ending but Derek was giving a mini speech to everyone. "Then let's send a message. Let's make tonight perfectly clear to anyone with a copy of that list. It doesn't matter if they're professional assassins, hunters, or an amateur who just picked up a gun. Anyone who thinks they can hunt and kill us for money is going to be put on another list: our list. They get to be a name on our dead pool."

Some cheer while others grunt in agreement. I clapped and then sat down to preserve my energy. If we need to fight I need some more blood to be at full strength. Chris gave me some blood, which I drank from his wrist. I took just enough because I was still powered from the blood bag I had earlier.

The motion detectors started going off. I hid behind a pillar ready to attack an unexpected assassin. I leaned my head so I could see them without them seeing me.

They threw smoke grenades everywhere and started shooting at everything. One flashed by me so I put my head back behind the pillar. I jumped out and knocked someone unconscious.

I see Kira and Scott we're fighting next to each other. There was one assassin that was firing like crazy, I took it upon myself to snap his neck. I looked at where the now dead man was shooting and there was two people, two girls that were younger than me.

I speed over to them and grab them by their underarms. I hid them behind a pillar in a corner away from the fight. "My name is Leonora if you need help call for me and I'll be back. Stay down and be quiet, it'll be over soon."

I run back to the fight. I slam my foot into some killers chest sending him ten feet back. He didn't get back up.

The fighting goes on for a while. We're winning, at least I hope we are, there's to much blood to be sure. I took out ten guys in three seconds. I took a girl assassin and drained her of a bunch of blood causing her to pass out.

I look down at her then at my leather jacket that has her blood on it. "You better pray this comes out or I will do some serious damage" she groaned so I left her to beat some more people.

Scott told Brett to get the pack away which must mean we're winning. Brett nods and goes to find his friends and family. "Brett" he turns and looks at me while I point at the pillars "two girls over there." He nodded and ran off into the direction I pointed to.

I take out another assassin. I heard someone whispering for Brett. I cautiously made my way over to her. She had a red dot on the bridge of her nose, meaning an assassin was pointing a gun at her. She just stood there. I was about to push her out of the way but the dot vanished.

Scott got the assassin and started punching him over and over again. I had to look away. I snapped the necks of the remaining hunters and like that we were done. There were some injuries but they're werewolves so they can heal. I felt great today getting to take out my emotions on hunters. But once I get the chance I am totally spending some time in New Orleans.

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