chapter one

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Taehyung's pov
i was walking down the cold cobbled street at around 2:45 on my way home from the full place i worked ready to kick of my shoes and relax with my family. i look around and in confusion as i realise that no one was there, normally the streets were filled by children playing skipping, tig and games like that with there parents watching from windows or sat outside chatting while sat on benches but no one was there. no one at all. i began to wonder what was going on question 'why is no one here? why are there kids playing? what's going on? wh-' my train of thought was interrupted by a phone call and once seeing the called id i quickly picked up.

-on phone-

me(tae)-"mum? what's wrong?"

mum-"d..don't come home t..tonight"

me-"what? what's wrong mum? is everything alright?" i ask in panic

mum-"everything will be fine taehyung, i promise. promise me you w..won't come home"

me-"but mum why? wh-"

mum-"please tae, just it."

me-*sighs*"fine, i promise,but your okay right?"

mum-"good. i'm o..okay tae, i love you"

me-"i lo-"
-she hung up-

'that's weird, maybe she's just doing something and she doesn't want me to see' i thing to my self. i am about to go round the corner when i hear a shout and a kind of groaning noise. 'what the-' i think before walking round the corner and seeing something i wish i hadn't.

there was a man...he was being eaten alive by this...this thing. it looked kind of human like but all...decomposed. i just stood there, frozen in fear and then my eyes were dragged away by the sight of dead bodies scattered around the floor, they had been ripped apart and blood was oozing from them. i hear a loud noise and see a man running in the distance which not only distracts me but also the creature, it turns it's ugly head to look at the thing and slowly walks towards the running man, dragging its feet across the floor.

'they are attracted to noise' i think to my self and once the zombie is far enough away i run towards the injured person and attempt to help them.

injured person-"get away!! quickly!!!"

me-"but your injured, let me help you"

injured person-"gooo!! before i turn into one! leave now!!!"

me-"turn int- what do you mean? what's going on?"

injured person-"g..gooo!" i stare at him and suddenly his eyes begin to turn white and slowly changes, he looks just like that creature...
i quickly turn and run. i don't know where i am running but i have to get away...away from this.

i see a small convince shop and run into it breathing heavily and standing behind one of the shelf's. i was shocked to see half the items had already been taken and majority of the things that were left, were all over the floor, all trampled and only a couple things had been left on the shelf. i quickly open my backpack and begin to grab anything i can that seems like i might need it while i figure out what i am going to do.

suddenly the door opens and shuts. someone or something is in here. i here it moving towards one of the shelf's in the isle next to me, i slowly put my head round the corner to see what it was and i wasn't expecting to see...a young girl. she looked around 12-13 i'm guessing from her height and she took of a backpack and began to fill it with some water from the shelf while breathing heavily like she had just run. i cautiously began to walk towards her when i accidentally stand on a bag of crisps alerting her i was there. her whole body tensed up and she quickly reached into her bag and grabbed a screwdriver and turned to face me. my eyes met hers and she looked scared...she looked like she was scared of me.

me-"'s okay....i won't hurt you, i promise" i said to try and reassure her and calm her down. she put the screwdriver down and quickly ran and hugged me

???-"please sir...please help me sir" she said gently

me-"it's okay, i will help you....have you been bitten by one of those creatures out there?"

???-"no sir"

me-"are you sure?"

???-"i am sure sir" she said while nodding "i tried to avoid the creatures"

me-"okay good" i can see she is on edge and clearly still scared so i thought i would introduce myself in an attempt to make her feel more comfortable "i'm taehyung, what's your name?"

???-"im  y/n" she said with a small smile

me-"and how old are you y/n?"

y/n-"i'm 14 years old"

me-"okay y/n, i'm 25" her eyebrows slightly raised in shock which made me smile at her. "have you got everything you need?"

y/n-"yes, i have two flash lights, some batteries, food, water and then a screwdriver which i thought we could use as a weapon"

me-"okay good" i then thought something and i knew it would be uncomfortable but i knew i needed to as "um...y/n...have you got pads for your-? you know your a growing girl and y-"she quickly cut me off

y/n-"yes i have got as many as i could because i wasn't sure how long the journey would be" she said while looking anywhere but my eyes with her voice slightly quieter, her face began to go slightly pink so i knew i should probably change the subject

me-"okay... y/n where are your parents?" she looked down

y/n-" there in seoul, they sent me here to busan alone for studying, i had been staying with a couple but..." she stopped speaking but i knew the answers to what happened

me-"listen y/n, now that you are here under my care, i want you to do what i say, okay?" she nods hesitantly "i know that you don't trust me that well yet but i promise i will look after you and get you back to your parents" she smiles at me and then gives me another hug

y/n-"thank you so much" i pat her head and she lets go and looks up at me as though i am some kind of hero. she turns around to grab her bag and i do the same, i turn back around to see her staring somewhere. i follow her eye line and see more creatures are coming our way, they haven't noticed us yet so i grab her and bring us behind a shelf and put my hand around her mouth while whispering "shhh" near her ear so she knows not to make a sound.

we stay like that for a couple of minutes until i remove my hand from her mouth and turn her to face me. i mouth 'wait here' to her and she nods. cautiously i look round the corner to see that they are gone so i grab the screw driver she had and put it in my left and while grabbing her hand with my right hand.

me-"okay we are going to go and find somewhere to say okay?" she nods to me and i check once more before turning back to her

me-"you ready?" she nods again "let's go" i say to her and i lead our way while she comes closely behind while holding my hand tightly.

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