chapter two

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still Taehyung's pov

we left the shop and began walking, i was leading and she was holding to my hand tightly while walking closely behind me.

after about 20ish minutes of walking quietly we heard something, like a groan, we both quickly looked around in panic and i could feel her getting closer to me. i looked at her and whispered

me-"you heard that groan right?" she nodded

y/n-"i think it was one of those creatures" she whispered back

me-"yeah i th-" i was about to whisper back but the noise of a trash can falling behind us caused her to jump and we both darted out eyes in that direction and we were met with one of those creatures following us.

i quickly grabbed y/n's hand and began to run, almost dragging her because she had smaller legs than me so couldn't run as fast. i just kept running and running while she tried to keep up until we came to a fence blocking the street.

i grabbed mine and her bags and chucked them over the fence while she just stared down the alley at the zombie that was coming almost frozen in fear. i grabbed her waist and picked her up so i could get both of us to the other side, she tried to help and i could see she was terrified.

once we got down, she grabbed both our bags and she passed mine to me and we began sprinting again, her hand attached to mine again.

after a while we had stopped in an area that we could see no creatures and we stopped to breath. we were both panting badly and i was focused on catching my breath until i turned to the side and realised how tired and frail y/n looked, i knew we should find a place soon. i gave her a couple minutes and we continued walking on our journey.

every time we came across one of those things y/n's grip on my hand tightened and she would get closer as if i was making her feel safe.

we had been walking for a further 2 and a bit hours although it felt like more. i was so tired and y/n looked like she could barely walk anymore.

thankfully we came across a motel type thing and decided to check it out. we walked up the little steps, i kept her close to me and then we pushed one of the doors open. y/n gave me a flash light she had prepared and i went in scanning the room, once i knew the coast was clear i found the light switch and we both went in.

it was a nice room with 2 white single beds in it and as soon as y/n saw this she immediately walked over and laid down on the bed and sighed.

me-"someone's tired" i say teasingly with a soft chuckle

y/n-"what do you expect?" she jokingly said and we both laughed.

me-"it's really nice her"

y/n-"yeah, i was worried it would have been ruined already"

me-"yeah same"

i put my bag down and saw y/n hadn't even taken hers off, i walk over to her and take the backpack and she just lets me, she seems too tired to care right now, i go into her bag and pass her a small pack of crackers to eat and some of my water for her to drink. she sits up and eats while i sit at the edge of my bed and told her

me-"so we are going to stay here for two days to rest and prepare and then we are going to travel some more, okay?"

y/n-"sounds good to me" i lie down on my bed and reach to grab some of the crackers and water y/n is having and she lets me have them. she passed them both to me causing me to look at her with a confused look

y/n-"my hair is in my way so i'm going to tie it back" i nod in response and she stands in front of the mirror and begins to put her hair into two plaits using the bobbles on her wrist while i just lie there and think.

y/n-"done!" she says happily and gives me a little spin causing me to chuckle a little at her. she skips back to the bed and lies down again. i think we are both just happy to finally rest. i look back to the celling and start to thing about everything that's going on right now

me-"y/n" she hums in response "what do you know about those creatures?" i ask her so i can gather all the information we know

y/n-"ummm" she thinks for a second before saying "i don't know much but i do know they are quite slow and are attracted to noise i think"

me-"that's as much as i know as well" i sigh

y/n-"how do you think they got here?" she says while looking at me now


i was going to continue till we heard a noise out side of our room causing us both to jolt up from the beds. i turned to her and put my finger on my lip signalling her to be quiet and she nodded. i grabbed the screw driver and turned off the lights while she hid and i did the same.

the door opened and someone or something came in...

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