chapter three

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still Taehyung's pov

the door opened and someone or something came in...

???1-"turn on the torch idiot" i heard a familiar voice whisper

???2-"im trying jimin!" someone whispered back. 'wait jimin?' i thought to myself

???1-"wait there's a light switch here i think" one of the familiar voices spoke again

the lights turned on. i was stood behind a wall while y/n was hidden behind the desk. i peeped my head out and saw them.

me-"guys?" i said in surprise causing them both to jump and look at me, there frightened faces changed quickly into relived and happy ones.

???1+???2="tae?" they said as they ran up to me and hugged me and i immediately hugged them back so tightly, tears began to rim in everyone's eyes, there my childhood best friends and i was worried about them because of this whole thing

???1="i missed you so much"

me="i missed you too jimin"

???2="we were so worried about you! where have you been? we went to your house and...i'm sorry tae but...your parents...i'm really sorry"

me="it's okay jungkook, i thought they would be..." i said as i hung my head low, i felt like crying, until i felt someone small hug me tightly from behind and i knew exactly who it was

y/n="are you okay tae?" she spoke in a soft voice trying to comfort me, i patted her on the head and said

me="i'm fine, don't worry" i could see the boys look at each other, then to me, then to y/n and then back to me

jungkook="who's this little one?" he said in a kind voice while looking at y/n who was stood safety behind me

me="this is y/n, i met her earlier today"

jimin="it's nice to meet you y/n, i'm jimin" he said while smiling at her and he put his hand towards her. she looked at me almost asking for permission, i nodded and she hesitantly shook his hand.

jungkook="i'm jungkook" he also put his hand towards her while smiling and she looked at me again before shaking his hand causing both the boys to quietly chuckle at her innocence.

y/n="it's nice to meet you both" she smiled brightly at them while still stood at my side

jimin="so tae, where are we going?"


jungkook="we're coming too

me=i sigh "we are going to seoul"


jungkook="that's ages away, why would we be going there?"

me="that's where y/n's parents are" i say and then turn my head to her, the boys do the same and she looks down and i feel her softly squeeze the hem on my sleeve without realising, i think she's worried about them

jungkook="can we talk to you tae?" i look at them both and decide to see what they want

me-"okay, y/n, can you go sit in that bed?" she nods and quickly sits on her bed and looks down. i step to the other side of the room with jimin and jungkook.

me-"what's up?"

jimin-" know seoul is quite heavily populated with zombies....well it was....i don't know if many survived"

me-"how do you know this?"

jungkook-"we heard it on the radio in a shop as we were getting food"

jimin-"what if her parents aren' know..... there isn't much point in travelling all the way there if we don't know..." he said, i know they feel guilty saying this but i guess they just don't want to risk me getting hurt on the journey

me-"i promised her i would help her get back to them and i-" i was cut off by the sound of guns outside

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