Chapter 18- a drinking game

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The mist begins to creep up out from under the horizon and cover the glass windows of The Burrow. The soft whistles coming from the birds flying through the gray sky, waft into the wind carrying it through the air.

Emberlynn's hand lay on a bare, toned, cool chest. Her head rests on a strong sturdy shoulder that belongs to Fred. Her dark blonde hair messily lay astray along his upper body.

Fred's arms stay wrapped around her waist loosely in a loving fashion. His head leaned on top of her messy hair.

The cold mist from the outside air creeped along through the windowsill wafting through the room making it chilly.

The icy air swirled around the silent room and made its way to Ember's naked body. Goosebumps arose on the surface of Ember's skin, which awoke her from her deep sleep.

Her eyelids fluttered open with difficulty. She breathed in the glacial chill surrounding the room and grabbed the white sheets hanging off the edge of the bed and draped them over her and her lover.

The aura that was wafting through the area drove Ember back into her deep sleep within seconds.


"Are they naked?", a voice questioned.

"Of course they are, if you look real closely you can see Fred's right ball. At least I think that's his ball . . .", said George surveying from the doorway.

Ginny stood up from the leaning on the closet door and walked out of the room while gagging dramatically, which was the funniest thing to Ron and George.

Ron started to laugh hysterically and couldn't stop himself, "I-I'm sorry . . . I c-cant breathe", he said in between his cackles.

George's knees went weak from the amount of joy and laughter it brought him to see his twin brother sprawled out naked under a single white sheet. "He is . . . so . . . bloody ugly", he laughed holding his stomach.

Hermione rolled her eyes and began walking away, "If this is what's its like to have siblings, I'm glad I'm an only child"

Hearing Hermione say those words, Ron let out a loud barbaric snort which instantly shut up him and George.

Fred moved his right slightly numb shoulder that Ember was resting on and opened his eyes up to look at her.

Ron and George stood a foot from the doorway, inside the room.

Fred opened his eye slits wider to look up at the clock to check what time it was. In his peripheral vision he could see two body like figures frozen a foot inside the room.

He shot his head over to his brothers who both had guilty expressions laid upon their faces.

George gave a small smile, "Mornin' Freddie"

Ron shot a glance between Fred and Ember then Fred and George and then spoke. "Mornin' Fred?", he said questionably.

Fred looked down at Ember who's body was mostly covered by the sheet. The only part of them that was exposed was her bare back and his upper chest. He pulled the sheet over his sleeping girlfriend and stood up onto the cold wooden flooring.

George wrinkled his eyebrows while watching his brother stand up to his feet knowing that him and Ron would see him naked. Fred stood up straight and stretched his arms to the sky, "Take a good look my brothers, I'm sure neither of you can say yours is bigger, yeah?"

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