chapter four

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still Taehyung's pov

i was interrupted by the sound of gun shots coming from outside, the sudden loud noise made all of us jump and i quickly turn around to check if y/n was okay and she was already looking at me with fear in her eyes. we heard the sound of a car door opening and people shouting and shooting.

me and the other boys slightly open the door and look outside to see a disgusting sight of men being ripped apart by those beasts as they try shoot them

jimin-"holy sh*t"

jungkook-"t..that's messed up"

me-"...yeah" i felt y/n behind me trying to see what was going on outside but i turned to her and said

me-"don't look" while holding her shoulders and looking into her teary eyes. this sudden action caused the other guys to turn and see her scared face as well

jimin-"we have to get out of here because it won't be long until they get here too and find us"

jungkook-"we could use that van i guess"

me-"but how will we get there with all those beasts in the way" me and the boys looked to one and other and then y/n spoke up

y/n-"why don't we throw something over there to distract then because they are attracted to loud noise"

jimin-"that's brilliant kid!"

y/n-"i'm not a kid! i'm 14 actually" me and the boys chuckled at her trying to defend herself as then we began to discuss the plan.

jungkook was going to throw the bottle while the rest of us would wait for him and then once the cost was clear we would all run to the car.

jungkook grabbed one of the many beer bottles around the area and threw it in the distance causing a loud crash sound, he came and gave us the signal so we knew it was time.

i was about to start running but then i remembered how tired y/n had been and she hadn't had anytime to rest so i quickly picked her up and ran to the van causing her to grab onto me tightly.

i pass her to jimin who is already sat in the back then i run to the front passenger seat and sit down while jungkook tries to get the car to start.

y/n-"umm...guys" she said pointing outside the car towards a group of zombies that was now headed in our direction.

me-"f*cking hurry jungkook!"

jimin-"hurry the f*ck up!!" we both said at the same time

jungkook-"i'm f*cking trying!" he said while aggressively twisting the keys

y/n-"oh my god" i heard her say quietly in panic


jungkook-"yesss!!!!!" he said as the car starts and we begin to quickly drive away.

after around five minutes we had all about calmed down.

jimin="this is actually a really nice van you know" he commented causing me to look around, it was, it had black leather seats in three rows with two seats on the front row and then three seat on the others

me-"yeah it actually is" while still scanning the vans interior i notice y/n had already fallen asleep curled up on her seat

me-"looks like someone's tired" i said making the other two chuckle

jungkook-"already?" he laughs

me-"in her defence we had been walking around all day" i chuckle.

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