chapter five

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Taehyung's pov

jungkook-"oh shit" distracting us all from our thoughts as we looked over to him to see what was wrong. there were many zombies coming towards us and we tried to run them over but there were just too many of them. they began aggressively hitting the windows and shaking the car causing us all to freak out

y/n-"we're going to be okay, right?" she said in a soft voice

me-"maybe" i knew this wouldn't be the answer she wanted to hear but i didn't want to lie to her

jimin began freaking out, jungkook tried to get the car moving, y/n started crying quietly which i almost didn't notice and i'm sure the other two didn't. i just sat there, frozen. staring at those monsters.

me-"what the f*ck" i said as i saw zombies getting stabbed in the head

we all sat there silently as the car stopped moving and the zombies stopped. there was a tap on the window causing us all to jump and scream

???1-"calm down, jesus" someone said

y/n-"it's a person!" she said as though we hadn't gathered that but i guess she was just relived.

jungkook slowly rolled down the window to reveal two guys covers in zombie blood looking at us.

???2-"my name is namjoon and this is yoongi" he guest used to himself and then the guy next to him

yoongi-"we aren't a**holes we promise" he passed both there knives to jungkook to prove that they won't do anything

jungkook-"you better not be or we will kill you, now get in" he unlocked the back two doors of the two guys got in

me-"i'm taehyung, this is jungkook, that's jimin and this is y/n" i gestured to each of them and y/n have then a warm smile and a wave.

namjoon-"so where are we going?" he asks curiously, i was about to answer but y/n did instead

y/n-"we are going to seoul"

yoongi-"that's a long journey, why?"

me-"to get y/n's to her parents" i saw them through the mirror look at one and other, while y/n just looked out the window.


jimin-"where are you guys from?" he said looking back at namjoon and yoongi

namjoon-"we were part of a group nearby but we got attacked by raiders but me and yoongi made it out"

yoongi-"the others weren't as lucky.."

jungkook-"what did the raiders want?" namjoon let out a loud sigh

namjoon-"they wanted our food, supplies and they chose some of us they wanted as slaves and the rest they would kill"

y/n-"that's awful" she said quietly

me-"how did you escape?"

yoongi-"the guy that was watching us got distracted by a noise which i assume was some kind of animal but he probably thought it was a zombie and me and joon grabbed what we could and ran"

after about ten minutes of silence i remembered something... i had my phone

i grabbed it from my pockets and began to ring my family, i knew my parents wouldn't answer but i could still try my aunts and uncles. there was no reply.

me-"kid" i said as i turned to face y/n, she hummed in response "do you know your parents phone number?"

y/n-"yeah, why?"

me-"here" i passed her my phone and her face lit up

y/n-"thank you so much"

jimin had started up a conversation with yoongi and namjoon which could keep them entertained, jungkook had to focus on the road but i was only focused on y/n

she must have tried to call there number at least 30 times, she turned to face the window and kept trying. she didn't know but i could see her face in the reflection, she was crying silently and every time the answer machine would pick up it looked like a little pieces of her broke.

she wiped her tears and tapped my shoulder telling me she was done with the phone, i turned around and she passed it to me, my heart broke seeing her face look at me like that, she had tried to wipe away the tears but her cheeks were tear stained and her eyes were filling with more of them, she quickly turned around and faced the window again, not allowing me to see her cry, not allowing any of us to.

it hurt me knowing she still doesn't trust us and is trying to hide her pain from us, i couldn't help but want to give her a hug and promise her that they are alive but i don't know that they are alive and i can't hurt her even more by lying to her, the only thing i can do is show her that i am there for her.

i turned back to focus on the road and see how far along we were when all of a sudden i hear a loud noise.

it was the sound of a gun shot and it hit our window...

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