Chapter 8: Accordance Of Fate No More

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Hello guys! Just a warning, this chapter might be the current lamest Chapter of the fanfiction hehe. (Writer's block is attacking me huhu)


"Diana?" Claude immediately asked after hearing that familiar name from his Daughter.

Athanasia paused for a moment.


"Dianne! I mean Dianne..." Athanasia let out a sigh. "Dianne is busy looking after her daughter, so there's no way that she'll... she'll become my servant, besides... Lily and the other servants are enough for me..."

Athanasia and Jennette both flinched when they feel the ominous aura around Claude. 

"Can't her husband look after his child?" He asked in a dangerous tone.

"B-but Papa..." Athanasia said. 'What's your problem dude? Is he perhaps..? Oh, my---what's with his aura. He is obviously angry...could it be that...he is jealous of the non-existent husband of Diana?' Athanasia thought

"But she doesn't have a husband..."


"And... do you like her?" Athanasia blurted out of nowhere. When she noticed Claude's expression sudden change, she can't help but grin in her mind. "I mean Papa. Do you really like her to become my servant?"

"It's for your mental health," Claude replied like nothing.


"Pardon Your Highness, but what do you mean by 'Mental Health?' Is Princess Athanasia alright?" Jennette finally asked.

Claude stands up before emptying his teacup.

"Ask her," He said as he narrows his eyes at Athanasia before taking his steps away from them.

"Eh? Princess are you alright? What does His Majesty mean? And what about the woman, you two are talking about?"

'Probably about my past behaviour' Athanasia thought

"Oh... Nothing. I'm clearly fine... and about that woman..." Athanasia glanced at the back of Claude who is walking away from the two "I'll make you meet her! I'll invite you two for a tea party. I'm sure the three of us will enjoy it" Athanasia intentionally said in a loud voice, making Claude hear it.

Claude paused for a moment after hearing that. 

He stopped walking "Busy.. huh?" The corner of his lips curled up as he continues to walk away.

When he is finally away from the two young women, He immediately calls Felix's name, who is standing behind his back.

"Felix," He said.

"Yes, Your Highness?"

"Keep an eye on them, I want to know some information about that 'tea party' they are going to held"

"But Your High--" He was about to complain... but

Claude immediately gives Felix a death glare. 

"Yes, Your Majesty"


"He walked away," Athanasia unconsciously said. She glanced on Jennette "Do you want to roam around with me, Jennette?"

Jennette immediately nods her head. "My pleasure, Princess"

The two of them walked around while talking about kinds of stuff. While having their chats, A red-haired man was secretly following the two due to his master's order.

The Princess knew that they were followed by Felix but instead of confronting him, Athanasia shrugs off her shoulder. 'As if I'll let them gather information' She thought. 'But if doing such things will make Papa Claude's better, then I might consider it. Looks like I have to talk with Lucas seriously later'

"Princess, what does Lady Dianne looks like?" Jennette asked.

"A fairy"


'Okay, Diana calm down, calm down' Diana thought while biting her lips.

She glanced at the unconscious woman lying at the couch. Lilian York, who lost her consciousness when she saw Diana a while ago, Diana brought her to the couch to make her at least comfortable.

"The situation makes me wanna follow Athanasia outside... should I?" she said while sitting beside the lying woman on the couch. "I hope Lily won't freak out later, such a beautiful woman"

She gently stroked Lily's hair while humming her favourite lullaby song. "Thank you for taking care of Athanasia, Lily, Thank you for being a mother to her when I am not here to do that. I am really glad that the current situation is not going according to my novel... because if it's not..." she let out a sigh.

Diana kept talking while gently stroking the maid's hair, she did not notice Lilian who is currently regaining her consciousness opened her eyes. Lily stared the beautiful face of a fairy who is gently stroking her hair, her eyes are not tricking her...

Diana in flesh is with her,

At Athy's room.

"L-lady..." She murmured, her eyes began to become teary. "Am I not hallucinating? Is it really you Lady Diana?" 

"A-ah ..." Diana replied when she saw Lily awake. 

She's currently nervous, she doesn't know what to reply. Diana finally accepted that she is the Diana, the one who gave birth to Athanasia, but her memories on her past life are not intact on her mind. 

"Lady Diana... How? why?--" Lily asked. 

The confusion is visible on her eyes. She can't take off her gaze at the woman in front of her, afraid that Diana might fade away and all of it is a sudden hallucination.

"I am Diana... but not the Diana that you've met. I am Her but not really her" Diana quickly replied. She bit her lips as she glanced at the window. "I'll explain it to you when Athanasia came back"

"Are you not... Imposter? Are you the reason for Princess Athy's sudden change?"

"I am not an imposter Lily" she answered "But yes, I am the reason of Athy's sudden change"

She gestured Lilian to sat beside her. "While waiting for my daughter, why not eat with me and have chat for a while first?" Diana said while showing the berries on the mini table. 

Lily can't help but nod her head. She can feel the sincerity within Diana, she can feel that the Diana in front of her is the Lady Diana that she knew. but she also needs a confirmation first. She needs to know what's currently happening to them.



Athanasia who just finished to accompany Jennette, finally on her way to her room. 

Today, as she entered her room and saw Lily talking to Diana, she knew that the 'Accordance of fate finally betrayed her.

'Is it a good or  a bad thing?' She thought

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