Chapter Sixteen

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__In Xiao Mansion__

"Gege, are you okay?!" Jiyang asked, when he saw Zhan blinking few times.

"Mnn. Where is dad?!" Zhan asked coughing and opening his eyes adjusting with the light.

"Dad went for a business trip early morning. After that, I came to your room and saw, you were coughing badly. I checked your temperature, when I found you got high fever. Since then you were sleeping and sleeping." Jiyang said stroking Zhan's hair.

"Ah? I slept this much? Heh, I couldn't sleep well last night maybe that's why." Zhan said closing his eyes again.

"Ge, I'm watching you from childhood. And, you slept a lot when, you got fever. You also, didn't have food and medicine." Jiyang said checking Zhan's temperature again.

"Hush!! I'm not eating anything." Zhan said covering his blanket over face.

"Ge don't act child. I'm coming with food and also, don't fall asleep, please." Jiyang said and walk out from his room.

Jiyang came down, when he heard door bell. Jiyang went to the door and opened it.

"Yibo ge, you came." Jiyang said seeing Yibo infront of the door.

"How is he?" Yibo asked with his regular cold expression.

"Ge just woke up from sleep. He didn't ate anything also didn't take medicine so, fever is still high." Jiyang said.

"Where is he?" Yibo asked.

"Zhan ge is in his room." Jiyang replied.

"Why he didn't eat anything?" Yibo asked in confused face.

"Actually, gege was sleeping till now. I have prepared chicken stock for ge. After that, I will gave him medicine." Jiyang answered.

"Okay. Where is his room?" Yibo asked .

"Go upstairs and turn right, first room is ge's." Jiyang said.

"Okay. Bring the food. I'm going to his room." Yibo said and went upstairs.

"Okay, ge." Jiyang said and went to the kitchen.

"I don't know, if I did good or not. But, when I saw Zhan ge's temperature was too hot, couldn't think anything and I ended calling Yibo ge. I hope Zhan ge won't angry with me." Jiyang thought while serving food for Zhan.

Yibo went to Zhan's room with hesitation.

"Can I?" Yibo asked standing infront of Zhan's room.

Zhan heard the voice and looked at the door.

"Ah? You?! Where is Jiyang?" Zhan asked in confusion.

"He is coming with food." Yibo replied still standing outside of the room.

"Oh!! I don't want to eat anything. My mouth is too bitter. And, why are you standing over there come inside." Zhan said trying to get up from laying but, failed.

Yibo run to him and hold Zhan and helped him to lay down properly.

"I'm okay. You don't have to help me. I can handle myself. " Zhan said and smiled softly.

"Yeah, I'm not blind. I seeing, what you can do." Yibo said and sat beside Zhan's bed.

"Hah!! How you can know a person in just one go? There is many things, you don't know about me." Zhan said closing his eyes.

"I didn't said I know you. I just said, you can't handle yourself." Yibo answered.

"I can't? That's what, I'm doing since, I was a child." Zhan said softly.

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