Chapter Seventeen

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__Author's POV__

It's morning sun is shining brightly, The light of dawn seeped into the room. Yibo rubbed his bleary eyes when his eye sight fall the person next to him, cuddling him tightly, that he even can't move a little.

"He look cute anyhow, while sleeping." Yibo thought himself and he realized, Zhan's body isn't hot anymore.

"Hey, wake up." Yibo said softly.

"I can't feel my body." Yibo said trying to move his hand but, he can't because of the huge octopus cuddling him.

"Wake up." Yibo said softly touching Zhan's cheeks.

"Jiyang, don't disturb me. I want to sleep more." Zhan mumbled in sleep.

"Jiyang?!" Yibo react.

"Hey, I'm not Jiyang. Get up now. It's already late. You have to take medicine otherwise, you will get fever again." Yibo said trying to wake Zhan up.

"I want to sleep more." Zhan said rubbing his eyes.

"Shut up and wake up. It's too late. It's 10am already." Yibo said.

"10am? Just 10am?? I will wake up at 12." Zhan said without opening his eyes.

"Xiao Zhan. Leave me then, I have to go home. Everyone must be tensed." Yibo said trying to get up from lying.

"What??!!!" Zhan react and open his eyes, when he remembered, last night Yibo was there."

Zhan got up when he saw Yibo is lying beside him.

"Sorry, sorry." Zhan said realising he was cuddling Yibo.

Yibo didn't say anything but, got up from lying.

"I'm sorry." Zhan said.

"Are you okay?" Yibo asked.

"What?!!" Zhan was surprised by Yibo's sudden question.

"I mean, are you okay?or feeling dizzy or cold?" Yibo asked.

"Ohh.. I'm okay. I don't have fever anymore." Zhan replied and smiled shyly.

"Mnnn, are you insane or what? You got fever all of sudden because you played with water last day. Can I ask why?" Yibo asked glaring at Zhan.

"Ahh!! I..

"You are not kid anymore. You are a grown up man." Yibo yelled cutting Zhan off.

Zhan didn't say anything but staring at Yibo. Because, it's the first time he getting scold but not from his dad of brother.

"Sorry, for the trouble." Zhan said

"Trouble? Sorry? You better don't give me trouble farther so, just do me a favour and take care yourself." Yibo said coldly.

Hearing Yibo, Zhan looked at Yibo, who is already looking at him.

"Are you guys up?" Jiyang asked from outside of the room.

"Mnn!! Come in." Zhan replied.

Yibo stood up from setting, when Jiyang came in the room.

"How are you ge?" Jiyang asked walking to Zhan.

"I'm good now." Zhan replied with a smile.

"Aww!! I missed your smile last night." Jiyang said and hugged Zhan.

"My baby brother." Zhan said and hugged him back.

"Jiyang, I'm going now. After breakfast, don't forget to give him a medicine." Yibo said wearing his coat.

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