Chapter Eighteen

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__Xiao Zhan's POV__

As I open the window in my room, the sunlight fall in my body giving me warmness. It's a beautiful day, sun shining in the sky brightly. Birds are chirping around actually they are singing sweet songs, a live concert of birds. It's feel amazing. Cold breeze touching my skin softly. I took a deep breath and smiled softly. I smiling alone, don't call me crazy. Hehe, well I'm crazy but good one.

Sometimes it's feel really good to be alone. I mean, spendings time with yourself have some different kind of satisfaction. It's feel good. Whenever I think about my past it's always painful for me. They way I grew up, it wasn't normal. But, my present changed so much and I'm happy with my change.

I got a loving caring mom, another caring dad, brothers and a person who pretend that he don't care but, I know he cares about me maybe a little.

It's been a week since I recovered from fever. My temperature was too high as Jiyang said when he came to me. He also brought some chocolates for me, which I love the most. That whole night, he was with me. I was cuddling him. Hehe, as I think about that night I felt extremely embarrassed.

Our first meeting wasn't good. He misunderstood me also he misjudged me. I'm not what he thinks about me. I'm not that bad. We will have one year marriage contract. When I will pass my university exam and I will back in my house but, I will obviously visit to meet mom and dad and others.

Oh yes, tomorrow is my marriage day. This one week was disaster. A lots of shopping not just a lot a lot and lotssss of shopping. A loooottttssss of relatives. I'm just so done. I hate to be surrounded by people it's just suffocating. So, send all relatives in hotels. My dad knows me well. I love him.

I didn't thought that, this day will also come in my life. I will also got a beautiful family where everyone lives with love and affection. Where everyone cares about each other. Where they won't leave each others because, they love to be with themselves. I will try my best to love them with my wholeheartedly. I won't give them any chance for complaining me. I will try my best to keep them happy.

"Zhan, what are you doing?!" A voice broke my daydream or should I say, pull me down from train of thoughts.

I turned back. It was dad. He was standing on door.

"Dad, come in. Why are you standing over there??!" I asked giving a small smile.

"What you were doing standing there." Dad asked smiling me back.

"I was thinking about something." I replied and walk to him.

"Son, are you alright?" Dad asked pattering my head.

"Of course dad. I'm good." I answered smiling.

"Good to know. Have a say that I have something to talk with you." Dad said and sat on the bed.

I followed his instruction and sat on the bed beside him.

"Yes dad, what is it?" I asked holding his hand.

"See, you are getting married tomorrow. You will have a new life from tomorrow on. New place, new family new atmosphere. Everything will be new me and Jiyang won't be there. You have to mange everything by yourself. Of course you will have problems first first but, you can share with your aunt or uncle or anyone in the family. They all are nice. They will comfort you. I know your aunt and uncle from school. So, I know they will love you as they love their own sons." Dad said.

"Dad, I know. Don't worry. Don't you know your son? I can handle everything. And, I know they are best. They are most loving perfect family. I also love them very much. Also there is Zhanjin gege, Jackson so, don't worry. I will be perfect." I said smiling brightly.

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