1• Trouvaille

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"Rebekah?!" Elijahs voice echoed throughout the house. "Are you coming? We're off to terrorise mother!" Klaus looked at his watch. The Mikaelson children, Elijah, Klaus, Kol and Freya, were standing at the front door ready to go and question their mother, Esther, who was trapped in a secret underground graveyard as punishment for trying to kill them for the past 1000 years. They had turned her into a vampire so she couldn't use magic anymore and so if they wanted to, they could let her desicate.
"For goodness sake Elijah, can we not just go already?" Klaus snapped. Rebekah came running down the stairs.
"Calm down Nik. I'm here." She said, shoving a small blood bag for their mother into his chest. Klaus sighed but left with his family to go and torment their darling mother.

"Come out, come out wherever you are!" Kol shouted as they opened the gates to their mothers new hiding place. The chamber was spelled shut so no one could get in or out except for the 5 of the siblings. Esther peaked out from sitting behind a wall.
"Ah mummy dearest!" Freya joked. Everyone laughed as they all walked down the stairs towards Esther. Klaus locked the gate and followed them down.
"We've come to have a little chat if thats alright with you." Rebekah bent down to the same level as their sitting mother. She looked her straight in the eye. "And you will tell us truth." She said, compelling her.
"I wont tell you anything until you give me something in return." Ester replied, weakly. Klaus laughed and threw the blood bag right infront of her.
"There, you miserable old hag." He said, smiling. She picked it up so fast and drank it all before anyone spoke again.
"That might have been a mistake." Elijah said. Ester looked up at him. "You could've made it last, mother. Who knows when we'll be back to give you another." Ester put down the empty blood bag, regretfully.
"What do you want with me? You've asked me all the questions you could've possibly asked me. There's nothing else to tell." Klaus walked forward and bent down next to Rebekah to come face-to-face with Esther.
"We came down here mother, to ask you about a little item that we have uncovered." He said as he grinned at his weak and exhausted mother. Esther raises her head and looked her children in the eye. She scoffed.
"About what?" She said. Her voice was croaky and tired after spending most of her recent time locked underground.
"About this." Kol stepped forward and pulled a strange looking object from his pocket. It was similar to a knife but larger and had a  Mikaelson crest on the handle. The blade was crooked and ridged. Esther laughed.
"That," She said. "That is your fathers hunting knife from the 1000s. It's also what i killed you all with when I turned him and you lot into vampires." The chamber was silent. Esther laughed again. "I'm guessing by your reactions that thats not what you hoped it would be." All of the siblings looked at each other. Klaus stood up.
"This is what I mean when we tell you how horrible you are. You killed us just so we would live forever. You killed us against our own wills and morals!" He said as his voice raised. Ester laughed for the third time.
"Oh the sympathy speech. Again Niklaus? Really? I wont feel bad for you. I'm happy I turned you. Because now I get to see you sad, lonely and desperate for love and affection." Klaus vamp-speeded towards her, picking her up by the neck and slamming her against the wall, chocking her.
"I will not stand here and let you think you can control me. I could kill you this instant." He dropped her and she fell onto the floor, coughing.
"Niklaus..." Elijah said, taking a step forward and trying to calm him down.
"No Elijah! I will not let this women torment us for a second further." He turned back round and grabbed her collar. "Look at me!" He shouted at her. Her head slowly raised to look him in the eye. "What kind of mother are you?You make all your children miserable to the point of no recovery!" Klaus shouted. Esther grinned.
"Not all of my children." She laughed uncomfortably. All of the Mikaelson children looked at each other confused.
"What do you mean not all of us?" Elijah asked. She smiled at them all.
"Oh my sweet children. Did you think that you were it?"

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