Chapter 2

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Liv's POV

I was punched in the face over and over again resulting in me seeing a bit blurry through the tears and the swollen cheek.

"Oh, I have an idea what will teach you a lesson to NEVER disrespect us again you little slut!" My mom said as she made her way to the drawer full of utensils.

She dashed open the drawer and foraged through it before her hand came back out holding a knife.

Umm...What is she doing with that knife?

She stalked her way back over to me with a smirk plastered on her face

"Now Liv make this be a lesson to you to never disrespect us and do what we say"

I then felt a slash to my right thigh then another to my leg, I screamed in pain and horror trying to look at the bleeding but I was held back by my hair that was being held tightly in my sister's grasp.

"Please why are you doing this! what did I ever do to you guys to make you hate me like this" I croaked out through my tears.

"Oh so now you wanna speak, what a failure" I then felt another slash to my arm resulting in me screaming again.

I averted my eyes over to my father begging him to end this with my eyes. But he only just smirked and turned away from me.

I then felt a harsh slap to my face and that was enough to make me go unconscious but not before hearing the door open and a squeaky voice say "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!!"


I groaned and shifted feeling excruciating pain in my lower thigh. I opened my eyes but soon regretted it when I was met with the burning gaze of the sunlight.

I opened my eyes once again scanning my surroundings.

I'm in my room...weird what time is it

I looked to my side to see my alarm clock, I looked at the time and soon caught a fright.

WHAT?!?!?! it's already 9 oh shoot I got up so late. Darn it I'm dead

I moved my feet from under the covers and placed them on the ground but as soon as I got up I regretted it.

"AGHHHH!!!!!" I screamed as I felt a sharp pain through my tight.

I looked down at my thigh to see a piece of cloth wrapped around it with a bit of blood seeping out.

Wait what...when did that happen

Then it hit me like a bus, all the memories from earlier this morning running through my head.

"She stabbed me" I whispered out in disbelief.

"Livia honey are you ok??"The door burst open and I turned my head to see...

"Aunty!?!!?" I shouted in happiness.

"Calm down sweetheart you're still injured so take your time," She said as she came into the room fully and closed the door behind her back

"Calm down sweetheart you're still injured so take your time," She said as she came into the room fully and closed the door behind her back

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My aunt Carol has been my only shoulder to lean on when I would get beaten or downgraded by my parents or the kids at my school. She would always stop my parents from hurting me whenever they tried to. But sadly she moved away a few months ago so they would beat me more often now. She has been the only family member that believes in me and thinks I'm not a failure. So now that she was back I was more than ecstatic to see her.

" I missed you so much aunty" I cried into her shoulder when she pulled me in for a hug.

"It's ok honey I'm here now, I'm so sorry that I wasn't here earlier to protect you from those foul people you call "Parents," She says while cringing when she said, parents.

"It's not your fault aunty, you didn't know that they would do this or what they are capable of so don't blame yourself," I said back to her pulling away from her embrace.

" As you say sweetheart, but I can't believe they would go so far as to stab you" She sneered out looking at the bruises on my body.

"It's not a big deal aunt the only thing that's important right now is that I'm ok and I'm not dead," I say trying to lighten the mood.

she chuckles lightly at my attempt to dampen the sour mood embroidering us.

"As you say, would you like anything now," She asked

"No that's ok I don't need anything right now, but thanks for the offer"

"Ok I'll be downstairs if you need me," She said while slipping out of the room.

Oh Dang!!! I'm late for school. Let me just change.

 Let me just change

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Liv's new outfit⬆

After changing my outfit I pulled my hair back into a messy bun and held it up with some clips.

I started limping down the stairs until I reached the kitchen and to my relief, my family had already left.

I bent down and took up my bag from the floor before limping back to the door.

"And where do you think you're going, missy??" I turned around to see my aunt standing behind me with her arms crossed under her breasts.

"I'm going to school, I'm already late and I have a test today" I replied back to her previous question.

"How do you wanna go to school in this condition," She said gesturing to the bruises all over my body.

"They aren't that noticeable and education comes first"

"Fine, but atleast let me drive you their," She said before going back to the living room to get her keys.

The drive to school was quiet, not the awkward kind of quiet but the peaceful kind of quiet.

"Were here" my aunt said as she stopped the car.

"Bye aunty thanks for the ride," I said to her before continuing my way into the school

Walking into the school all eyes were on me with looks of disgust on their face.

I brushed it off and pushed open the doors to the school hallway. Only to be met by more people staring at me with disgust while whispering to each other.

Bloody hell what's going on

I walked to my locker and as I was about to open it I saw something that made my face go pale. And it felt like every last bit off blood left in my body just washed away. Shocked was beyond words to describe how was at this point.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, this can't be happening


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