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Leah had woken first that morning, something that almost never happened. She looked at her stomach and noticed the bump was still there and she couldn't help but smile at the still growing bump. She had watched her husband sleep and noticed how one of his beautiful curls hung over his forehead. Smiling lightly she moved it back and watched as he slept. God he was beautiful she though smiling lightly. Slowly she watched how his beautiful blue eyes opened.

"Good morning love," Klaus muttered, watching his wife carefully.

"Good morning."

"Isn't it to early to be checking me out?" He asked his wife cockily and she only scoffed.

"I wasn't checking you out," she muttered rolling her eyes.

They hadn't spoken for a few minutes yet stayed where they where both happier. Leah was the first to get up and attempted to get dressed. When she realised her clothes wouldn't fit she lightly sobbed. Hearing her from the next room Klaus rushed to her.

"Sweetheart what's wrong?" He asked worry filling his voice as he observed.

"My clothes, they don't fit Nik, I'm fat," she said sobbing harder and he chuckled, remembering her utter the same words she did when she was first pregnant.

"Darling you're gorgeous," he said hugging her and touching her 6 month pregnant belly.

Just like then he thought, as if their baby was hadn't aged a day. As he watched as she kept crying he kissed the back of her neck as he held her. Slowly letting go he grabbed one of his shirts a pair of shirt and a told his wife to put it on.

Walking downstairs Leah had noticed the sound of a baby cry and Hayley cry in frustration. Smiling softly she walked towards the nursery connected to both Hayley and Elijah's room and knocked at the door. She knew how hard it would be for a newly turned hybrid and the cries of a child. Hayley had only cried harder not knowing what to do as her child cried.

"Leah I can't- I can't be a mother!" She sobbed as leah lay a gentle hand on her back.

"May I?" She asked holding her hands out towards the child.

Hayley only complied and handed Hope to one of the kindest women she'd ever met. Someone who even though she had a baby with her husband had welcomed her into the family as their own. Someone who was there when she needed her. Leah had held Hope and swayed gentle and hushing her at the same time. Hope had stopped crying and Hayley smiled gently. Leah placed her into the crib and Hayley sat on the bed exhausted and leah sat next to her.

"I can't be her mother I'm terrible," she said wiping her face forcefully.

"It's not your fault, your a hybrid now all your senses and emotions they're all heightened it's going to take time to get used to but I promise you will," she spoke kindly.

"Thank you, for everything," she said hugging her.

"You're welcome, now go shower, you smell appalling," Leah said laughing Hayley only grinned at her walking into the shower.

Leah checked up on Hope once again Turing on the baby monitor and walked downstairs towards where her husband and Elijah where. She had sat next to Elijah and smiled.

"Hello brother, how are you today?" Asked a very happy Leah.

"I am delightful Sister, how are you?" He asked her warily and confused.

"I am good, I have called called Marcellus and I am moving into his home tonight," she spoke with a smile on her face to both Elijah and Klaus.

Elijah looked at his brother in worry and Klaus looked at her enraged.

"You will stay here where I can protect you and you will not leave unless I say so!"

"Niklaus you will not tell me what to do I am staying with Marcellus across the river!"

"No you are not, I will chain you up if I have to."


"Leah I do not care, you will stay here, this is your home!"

"Once my son is here it will be my home, so either you bring Marcellus to me and allow him to come here without your constant bickering or I go to live with him," she said her arms crossed against her chest her stomping out of the room.

"Brother, you must bring Marcellus here or Leah will move out," he said  trying to convince him.

Klaus only sighed at his brother and shook his head. He told his brother to inform Marcel and he would allow him to visit his mother. He hadn't been able to argue with his wife out of fear of their child, but he would comprise, he always did. He also hasn't been able to argue with her in fear as she would leave him, as much as he would never admit it but she meant everything to him.

He walked over to the bedroom where his wife sat in a chair and she had a pen to the paper as she smiled. She was so beautiful he thought you himself. He grinned watching her until she noticed and looked at him.

"And who are you writing this love letter to?" He asked and she only smiled.

"Don't tell me, it's me isn't it and here I am thinking you hated me," he said grinning.

She only smiled at him and rolled her eyes. She felt her daughter kick and she gasped and Klaus looked at her worried. She gestured for her to come over to him and she took his hand into hers and placed it where her daughter was kicking. He only only whispered and 'oh' and quickly let go in surprise.

Clearing his throat he smiled at his wife "I must go now."

She couldn't help it she Only smiled as he Left and went back to writing her letter.

                Dear Zoey or Caitlin or Angela
To my little girl, your dad just asked if I was writing a love letter well I guess I am. I never       really got to know my mother. Honestly I have no idea how she felt when she carried me. So I thought I'd  write to you my sweet Angel. I am so very happy at this moment. Your father and I can't wait to meet you. I also want to make you a very special promise. I promise you three things I hadn't had when I was younger a safe home, someone to tell you they love you no matter what, and someone to fight for you.

So there you go my baby girl, the rest we'll all have to figure out together.
                             Your father and I love you so much.
                                             Love, your mother.

Leah hadn't ever been able to explain the amount of love she felt for her child. She was also so genuinely happy that she had survived, even after Genevieve said she wouldn't. She hadn't felt this happy in a long time. Nik had been showering her with affection but it also pained her to watch him spend many many hours with his daughter and Hayley. She would never admit it but she felt slightly jealous and she hated it. Even Elijah had been spending all his time with Hayley and Leah had felt alone. She had missed Rebekah so much recently. She was one of her best friends and she knew she would be able to get Klaus to allow her to come back. That is what she would do she promised herself mentally.

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