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Y'all gonna be mad at me...


Tylil Reed Moore🏙
Downtown, New York.

"can you pick me up from school today?" Zahnay asked as I fixed her skirt to her Uniform

I shrugged putting some Vaseline on her face. today I had to at least get her back to school that way she could get her education.

"maybe Siah or Demon can pick me up?" she questioned taking her hair out of the ponytail

nodding my head I brushed it back up grabbing the scrunchie.

she had pretty ass hair it just needs to be braided

"I can ask once I get to school, you want breakfast?"

she nodded putting her shoes on and taking the book bag off the hook

I still have to get my stuff from my mom's crib and put a payment down for this apartment

my grandmother agreed to keep Zahnay while I went to handle business after school

for now, we still were in the hotel

"Bubba I'm gonna be late, "

"shut up, " I mumbled pushing her to the side


I walked inside the school building handing my late slip in

"I haven't seen you in a week Tylil, where you been?" the officer asked giving me a fist bump

"been taking care of my sister, "

opening my phone up I went to my camera looking at my eyes. it looked like I haven't slept in days which was true but it didn't matter right now

there was an apartment I found in Harlem in this building near the hospital

I was turning 19 in two weeks so I plan to have it before then. Hopefully, everything goes as planned

"alright man get to class. you already late," I nodded making my way to the second period

walking into the room she had already started teaching so I slid into the seat next to Demon making her head lift up

"what happen?"

"I don't know. Siah woke up in a bad mood something always wrong with him," she mumbled opening her textbook

following her, I went to the same page and started jotting down notes

the teacher walked towards our row looking at my paper nodding

after I was finished I pulled my phone out texting Siah



gym, what happen?

meet me in the hallway


"I can use the bathroom?" I asked the teacher closing the book

"can you Tylil?"

see this is where I get frustrated

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