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For the past few months every thing was calm and Leah had grown restless. She had been living in the compound and Marcel would visit her regularly to see his mother. Rebekah would call her almost everyday to check up on her. Elijah would spend his time with either the vampire faction of New Orleans or with Hayley and leah smiled, he'd finally have his chance at happiness she thought. Nik had hardly uttered a few words to her in the two months. She would sleep and he wouldn't be there until she was fast asleep, though she felt his presence, and he would be gone by the time she awoke. She didn't understand why he had ignored her for so long. During the days he'd be with Hayley and Hope but in the nights he would still the streets feeding on anyone who would dare cross his path. She had noticed how Klaus was in the compound and she sped downstairs, only to notice he had disappeared and Elijah stood there anger evident on his face.

"Hello sister how are you?" Elijah Asked watching her and she sat down.

"Just Amazing," she muttered sarcastically.


"Elijah I'm going out-" Leah said walking out the compound.

Elijah had only nodded but But worried for his sister he didn't like seeing her like this. In fact he hated it. He was arguing with Niklaus before Leah had come downstairs about how he was neglecting her and he hadn't understood why. However once they heard Leah, Klaus had sped out of the compound. Elijah had grown frustrated with his brother wondering why he did what he did.

Leah had somehow found her way to the Bayou and Niklaus was sat inside the tiny wooden hut with Hayley And Hope with side of Hayley's pack members. Klaus had held his daughter and laughed. Leah had lost balance and fell. Klaus had noticed the sound coming from outside and noticed his wife watching him as she fell. He had attempted to run towards his wife but she was already gone before he got there. Leah had walked back to the compound where Elijah was sat drinking some bourbon.

"What is wrong Sister?" Elijah ask worried noticing her crying.

"Elijah he he's-" she said hiccuping and sobbing.

Elijah only sadly smiled at her and hugged her and she cried into his arms. She had decided to go upstairs and sat in Niklaus' room folding some clothes in a suitcase. Elijah knocked on the door with some food and a blood bag. He noticed she was packing and looked at her confused.

"You can not run away again Leah," he said placing down the food and blood bag.

"I am not running away, I'm leaving to stay with Rebekah for a while," she said standing up on her feet and closing her bag.

She felt this pain in her stomach and cliched onto her rather large belly. Elijah had only watched her with worry. She only shook her head at him and held up a finger.

"I'm fine Elijah, I've just been feeling a little weird since I fell a little while ago," she said breathing heavy And stood straight.

"You fell?" He asked her in horror.

"I'm fine Elijah," she said before groaning in pain once again.

"Sister you do not look fine, I'll call Niklaus and-"

"Don't call Nik, he won't let me leave, please Elijah I must- ahh Elijah it hurts!"

"I'm calling Niklaus!" With that he pulled out his phone and called Niklaus.

At first he didn't answer so Elijah called his brother once again. Finally answered frustrated as to why his brother had kept calling he spoke. Elijah had told him the pain his wife was experiencing and Niklaus already knew it was his fault. He told his brother that he would be there immediately.

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