Chapter 12

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Kates Pov

I unpacking some of my things like some of my clothes and made sure to put the captain's cuddles under the blanket so he could take a nap because he has a very long day and he deserves a nap. After I got all of my things put away like they told me to do,I went down the stairs and walked into the kitchen to see Lucas and Dax sitting there waiting with their laptops wideopen. I walk over to them and sit down across from them.

"All done "

"All done with what "lucas asks

"I put my things away like you told me to do? Was it not? I can go back and put my things back into my bag." I say as I start to get up

"No no i was just asking you did a good job putting your stuff away like I asked" What he doesn't know is that i just put all my clothes into to random drawers and i didn't even fowled them Im such a rebel.Hehehe

They have a big paper out with all my rules written on it neatly and a bunch of colored pencils, markers, stickers,and glitter pens. This is going to be Fun.
They told me to make it look pretty because it's going to be in my room on the back of my door. As I'm making my mean rules look as pretty as a peach they were working, I asked them what about but they said it was nothing, but I know it's not things but I left it at that.After a few an hour or so of decorating I was getting thirsty.

"Dax came Do you guy have anything to drink"

" Yeah we have water,orange juice,apple juice, milk whatever you want" After he said that I hoped off of my chair and walked into the kitchen to get something to drink I climb onto the counter and opened the cable to grab a glass but I was stopped but someone lifting me off the counter and putting me on their hip.

" And what do you think you might be doing " Daxs ask me

" Getting something to drink that's why I asked"

" No you asked do we have thing to drink. You don't get drink all by yourself, you're just a little girl. You have to ask one of us what you want and we will happily get it for you. Okay?"

" Yes sir " I say. My whole face is as red as a tomato right now.

" Now what do you want to drink?" Daxs asks as he grabs a sippy cup that had the little mermaid on It.

" Orange juice but I'm a big girl i don't need a sippy Cup"

" Nope i Don't care if you have big or little sippy cups always" He says as he is pouring it into the cup and putting the lid back on it as we are walking back to the table he give it to me and i start to begrudgingly drink out of it. He sat me in His lap and told me to pick up the mess.After i picked put all of the art supplies, I showed lucas and dax My masterpiece.

" Look "

" It's very pretty you did a really good job " Lucas says to me which puts a big smile on my face.

"Yes i think it look amazing" Dax says

" You ready to go pick it up in your room" He asks I shake my head yes and we head off to My room.

We are walking up the stairs and Dax has decided he would just keep holding me. I told Him he doesn't need to keep caring for me but he just wouldn't put me down. I live here now. We Got to my room and lucas put it on the back of my door with some pink glitter washing tape.

" You ready for dinner princess" lucas asks me. To be honest I'm not that hungry After drinking all of those Hot cocos but I shook my head yes.We walk back down stairs and Daxs finally lets me stand again. They walked into the kitchen and started to cook, I felt bad so i walked into the kitchen.

" Can I help please " I ask

" Sure you can Mix the sauce But you have to be really careful Okay" Lucas says to me as he gives me the spoon to mix it up with. It looks like we are making fettuccine alfredo.Mhhhh I love alfredo. when Lucas turns his back to grab something I dip my finger in and taste some and it's Really Good. After the noodles were done They put the sauce and the noodles together. Lucas grabed Two white glass Plates. Well, I got a princess Plate with All of the Disney princesses on it. We all sit down at the table I was about to pick up my fork to take a Bite but Lucas takes my fork away.

" Hey! "

" Let me cut this up a little before you make a mess "

" Fine " He cuts my food up for me as a cross my arms

" What Should I call you guys I feel weird being little and still having to call you guys lucas and dax well I'm Five" I say

" Well Being called Daddy is a Thing we earn but if you Feel like you want to call us That we would be more than happy for you Too That but there is No rush if you feel weird about it "

" I will Think about it and I will tell you guys in the morning if that okay " I say

They nodded their heads and Lucas gave me My food back after he cut it up for me into bite sized pieces. It was really good. The rest of that night went by fast After they made me eat All of my dinner, we went into the living room Too watch The little mermaid Halfway thought I yawned one too many times and they both looked at me and Told me it was Bedtime.

" Come on can I Please have just a few more minutes" I ask

"Nope We can see your a sleepy kitty, you got to get ready for bed Now come on " Lucas says as he Picks me up and puts me on his Hip so I wrap my legs around his waist and put my head on his shoulder well Daxs walks behind Us.

He carries me up to My room and plops me Onto the bed. I told him I took a shower this morning so He said I didn't have to take One I just had to brush my teeth and change Into my PJ's. He got mad at me for how I put my Things away. I hopped off The bed and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. After I finished I walked out and saw My clothes being laid out.Lucas told me to call Him back into the room once I was done. I put on a really big hoodie With bunny ear on the hod and some short shorts and Got into the bed and Hugged caption cuddles.Someone knock and I said they could come in and lucas and dax walk in and came onto each side sat next to me reading me a bedtime stories ,They gave me a kiss on the forehead and told me goodnight as they stayed with me until I fell asleep.I don't know why I feel so free around them both like I can act Anyway I choses I think i'm going to like these next 30 days.


I hope you guys enjoyed This one. Tell me what you want next or ideas that you might enjoy. I hope you all have a wonderful Day/Night
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