Chapter 13

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Plopping on my bed, my mind starts racing with thoughts of what happened moments ago. I can't seem to get Jimin out of my head: the way his soft lips kissed me and not to mention the whole feeling of pleasure when he bit me. I could feel myself blush and the thought of it. Oh My God, how can one person be full of lust? Wait a minute, what's wrong with me? Did I not tell myself that I'd stay away from them? Ugh, forget it; cause living in the same house as them, things are obviously bound to happen, so there's really no use in doing that. I may seem innocent, but boy, don't let appearance fool you.

Snapping out of my thoughts and walk to the bathroom to have a quick shower. Coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me, I search for my comfy PJ's which I feel great in wearing. Just when I had finished dressing up, I hear Jin calling me for dinner.

"Y/N! Dinner is ready!" He yells from downstairs.

"I'm coming, Jin oppa!" Screaming back, I make my hair and run down into the dining hall where I see everyone had gathered to have dinner. I felt relieved seeing Jimin and Jungkook; each of them sitting on a seat smiling at me when I enter. I smile back feeling heat rush into my cheeks as I remembered what happened with both. I seated myself between Jungkook and Hoseok; as it was the only seated available.

"Okay, at last Y/N's down. Now, dig in!" Jin exclaimed happily as he watched us eat, waiting for our reaction.

"Oh My God, Jin, it's so yummy!" I compliment, still munching my food. The others nod their heads, agreeing to my compliment.

"I know." Jin says, looking proud of himself. The atmosphere turned into an awkward one as Jimin and me starts laughing, holding our stomachs. The other males continue devouring their food as if nothing happened.

After dinner, Jin collects the plates and heads over to the kitchen to clean them while we still sitting around the table start chatting with each other.

"So Jungkook...", I turn to face him, and he too faces me. " are you feeling now?" I ask as I scan his face for any distress.

"No, Y/N, I'm fine. Actually, I've never been better." He replies, giving me his significant bunny smile, which made me instantly smile.

"Aw Jungkook, you should keep smiling like that, cause you look cute." I say pinching his cheeks.

"Thanks Y/N. I should thank you for letting me have a taste of your blood. That was the reason I was feeling high. It felt good." He thanked while I couldn't help but blush when he brought up the topic that I was embarrassed about.

"I already know that Jungkook. I asked Namjoon about it that night."

"Oh, that's great cause he is the only one who knows how to explain."

"Yeah, he did clear a lot of my questions, but..." I stopped mid-sentence, trying to find proper words to finish off my sentence.

"...but what?" Jungkook asks, curiosity written all over his face.

"...but...I asked him if I was the only one with this type of blood, but he ignored the question saying that it would be a story for another day." I tell him, expecting an answer from him at least. I guess I was wrong. He too had the same expression which Namjoon had when I asked him about this. I sigh at his expression.

"It's fine Jungkook, I know that you'll would've already told me about it if I was supposed to know. It's okay, I understand that it takes time to trust someone." He looks at me sadly, "No, Y/N, I promise I'll have a chat with the others and somehow agree so we could tell you everything, okay?" He takes my hands into his, looking me in the eye. "Trust me." That's all he said. I watch him get up from his seat and walk towards his room giving me a weak smile.

I let out a deep sigh and bring my eyes up to look up at the other males and notice them staring. I shift uncomfortably on my seat, "What?", I snap at them, not angrily but more rather like whining.

They immediately break the awkward gazes and walk back to their rooms. "Hm...I guess they heard everything...", I whisper to myself, still feeling sad.

"What's wrong?", a voice spoke which made me look up. "Ah, Yoongi. I-It's nothing..." I say, stammering but tried to sound confident. "Don't 'nothing' me, I can read your face; it's like an open book, so tell me what's bothering you?" He asked, seating down beside me. "It doesn't matter, Yoongi. I know you too will give me the same expression as Namjoon and Jungkook, and I know you heard what me and Jungkook were talking about so don't pretend." I spit back, heartlessly.

Yoongi sighs, "I'm sorry Y/N, but we'll have to have a group meeting and talk about it, cause we made a choice which we regret now, so it was our mistake and I promise we'll try and tell you as soon as possible." I could feel his regret through the way spoke, I guess he was reminiscing his memories which he didn't want to. "Don't work yourselves, Yoongi, I can wait. I'm a patient person." I voice, smiling slightly.

Suddenly, his solemn expression turns into a devilish smirk. I look at him with wide eyes at how quick he could change personalities. I mean not only him, even the other guys; one moment they act all fluffy and cute and the next they're like all smoking hot and sexy. Their duality really turns me on, I'm fucking serious. If one of them does that when we were alone, I swear I would end up fucking that person. But it's a bit too early to fuck them so let's wait, cause the more they wait, the more irresistible they'll become...I know, I'm a bad, bad girl.

"Mr. Yoongi, I know what's on your mind right now." I return his smirk, and his smirk grows wider.

"Your correct Miss. Y/N." He replies, formally; going along with my game. I bite my lower lip, seductively.

Not controlling myself anymore, I throw myself at him, crashing my lip onto his own, kissing slowly. He was frozen for some time at my action, but soon enough he too responded back, placing his hands on my waist pulling me close to him as I wrap my arms around his neck. Our sweet and passionate kiss soon turns into a heated one as we feel our body heat radiating from each other. He gets up from the chair making me jump onto him and wrap my legs around his perfectly shaped torso as he grabs my thigh to support me. We never broke the kiss as he started to walk towards his room, kicking the door open and lays me on his bed.

Breaking the kiss, we catch our breath. "You know, you really turn me on, baby." He whispered, with a raspy voice which was seductive as fuck.

"I wanted that, Min Yoongi." I whisper back, smirking. Wait, I wanted that?! Whatever, who cares; I'm too lost in the moment. He smashes his lips onto mine again, and gradually laying wet kisses down my jawline to my collarbone making me moan hard. Without warning, he bites through my skin where Jungkook and Jimin marked me. Although the pain was killing me, I couldn't help but moan out his name. I could myself getting weak, I must make him stop.

"Y-Yoongi, s-stop..." I meant to say it louder, instead it produced an insane moan which I didn't know I could make. He didn't hear it; louder.

"Yoongi, please!" It was all I managed to say: I blacked out.


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