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Holmes Chapel.

My dad. Jaxon, and I all pulled up to this two story home in this small town. It belonged to one of my new band mates, Harry Styles.

  We got out the car and knocked on the door. I felt like an 8-year old coming over for a slumber party but i'm more nervous.

  I still can't believe i'm in a band. I have never really seen myself being in a band non the less a band with five boys.

  Harry's mother answered the door and invited us in.

  "Hello! I'm Anne, Harry's mom." She greeted as she shut the door behind us.

"Steven, Jordyn's dad. And this is my son, Jaxon." My dad introduced himself. I looked over towards the couch and saw Harry, Liam, and Niall all sitting there. I walked over and took a seat on the couch next to Niall.

  "Hey." Harry smiled.

  "Hey." I said back with a smile. It's very awkward. Like no one is talking and we all are kinda just sitting here staring into space.

  "I can give you a tour of the house, if you'd like." Harry suggested.

  "Sure. Yeah, that would be nice." Liam said and we all stood up from the couch.

  "So this is my living room." He said, talking about the room we are already in. The living room had a long couch, a fireplace with a tv over it, and a coffee table.

  "And that's the kitchen." Harrys turned around and guided us towards the kitchen. The kitchen wasn't too big but it wasn't small either, it was like your basic kitchen. You know, fridge, stove, sink, counters, cabinets, and an island.

Then Harry walked us back into this hallway where there was a bathroom and his parents room. After that, we walked upstairs and went into his room. His room was plain, average for a teenage boy, there wasn't much to expect. A bed with white sheets and a blue comforter, a hamster cage, dresser, and a red tall shelf in the corner which had very few books on so I assume it's more for junk. As well as a big window that gave light to the whole room.

"We can chill up here til the other two get here so we don't have to talk to my parents." He suggested. I nodded then took a seat on his bed and so did the others. We tried to start a conversation, you know just asking about each other but all it really did was made it awkward.

"Guys, Louis and Zain are here!" Harrys mom shouted from the bottom of the steps. We all got up from the bed and went downstairs to be met by the other two. Anne greeted them and invited them in. Niall had a guitar with him so I figure he can play the guitar like me. I also realized my dad and Jax were gone.

  "Uh we can all just chill in my room." Harry said as we all went back upstairs to his room. Harry, Niall, and I sat on the bed while Louis, Liam, and Zain sat on the floor.

  "So I think first we should come up with a name." Liam stated. I didn't even think of what to name the band. "I was thinking USP." Liam added.

  "Like UPS?" Louis questioned.

  "That's awful name." I laughed and all the boys laughed as well and agreed with me.

  "Okay, then what about...I got nothing." Niall said. Then the room fell silent as we all started to think. I couldn't think of anything, my mind was blank.

  "One Direction." Harry stated.

  "I like it." I said, it's cool.

  "Yeah, I like it too." Louis agreed and then everyone else agreed.

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