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That morning Leah awoke to the sound of her daughter crying. Rolling over to check the time she noticed Nik wasn't there once again. Sighing frustrated she picked up her baby and sat with her in the chair. As if on time Rebekah walked in with a bottle in her hand.

"I thought you might need this," she grinned handing Leah the bottle and sitting on the bed.

Leah only smiled gratefully feeding her daughter as she slept again. She couldn't help it as she watched her daughter in awe. She noticed how she had klaus' eye, mouth and hair colour yet she looked a lot like her too.

"She's beautiful isn't she?" Rebekah said watching her best friend admire her daughter.

"She's so precious, so tiny," she spoke and Rebekah smiled watching the both of them.

"What's her name?" Rebekah asked holding her beautiful niece.

"Joy, her name is Joy," Leah spoke smiling.

She remembered when they where human and Kol had suggested the name and she immediately fell in love with it. Rebekah must have also remembered as she grinned.

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl," she spoke softly.

They had sat admiring her for hours. Hayley had also came by with Hope and grinned as she saw the beautiful little girl. Rebekah hadn't left Leah's side in hours and Hayley had also sat with them.

"Do You know where Nik is?" She asked speaking wondering where her husband disappeared off to again.

"Yeah he's at a bar by the bayou... with Cami," Hayley spoke carefully.

"Who?" Leah Asked confused.

"The Rousseau's bar tender," Rebekah spat and leah only looked at her confused.

"Well I'm going to look for him, Rebekah could you please watch Joy?" She asked Rebekah only nodded eagerly.

On the way towards the Bar Leah has felt as if something was off. As if she knew something bad was happening. She had pulled onto the bar and noticed how no one else was there since she only heard 2 heartbeats.

She watched the two from outside and saw cami puts her hand on his shoulder, and he puts his hand on her waist as the two begin to dance. They stare at each other as their cheeks touched. Leah felt the jealousy inside her rise and the anger. She was soo angry at her husband right now, she had just given birth to his daughter and he was off dancing with some whore she thought. After all his promises to never leave her and the second he had the chance he was off with yet another woman. She walked into the bar and watched how her hands face was soo close to the bartenders as if he was about to kiss her. Her face was getting closer to hers and as if her felt her presence his head snapped to his wife's and noticed how pissed she looked.

Awkwardly clearing his throat he Moved away from cami and towards his wife who walked out the bar, upset and angry.

"Leah it wasn't what it looked like," he spoke walking to her she only slapped him.

"Well it looked like you where bloody going to kiss the bartender!"

"Cami," he corrected only to earn a slap his wife.

"Fuck you Nik, I was at home with OUR daughter whilst you where busy messing around with her."

"Leah I swear-"

"I should have known all your promises yesterday where bullshit, I shouldn't have come!"

"Leah wait please let me explain," he spoke and she only turned her back and spoke.

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