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Leah woke up hours later and it was early. Nik lay at the end of the bed and their daughter was still asleep. Watching them she sighed, slowly picking her daughter and walking down towards the kitchen area where she began to make her a bottle. She had her daughter in one hand and shook her bottle in another. She sat on the couch crossing her legs and feeding her daughter from the bottle. She hadn't noticed her husband watching her from the second floor patio. She spoke to her daughter and her daughters mouth twitched as if she began to smile.

"You my sweet Angel are the most precious baby ever, I promise I'll love you forever, my darling Joy I promise you no matter How much mommy and daddy fight or if we don't end up together we'll always love you," she said and Nik sat next to her.

"My love I-"

"Nik please just-"

"No I was with Camille because Mikael is back but I needed to kill him.. again."

"What?" Leah whispered fearing her daughters safety.

"He's back, but it's okay my love I killed him."

"He's back and you didn't tell me but you told her?" She spat looking at him furious.

"Leah it's not like that!"

"Then what is it like-"

"I needed to hear that I should kill him, from her."

"Why her?" Leah demanded and he only sat quietly as his daughter held onto his finger.


"Nik do you love her?" She asked sighing her words forced and her eyes watching her daughter.


"Yes or no Nik."

"I-I don't know," he spoke honestly watching her.

"Nik I'm going to stay with Rebekah for a little while, I need some space."


"Just for a few days, I'll be back and if you want you can come to see Joy whenever you want."

Reluctantly he had agreed and that night she left to go to stay with Rebekah who was currently staying in Atlanta in one of their family homes. Rebekah welcomed Leah and Joy in bliss. She was happy her best friend and her niece would stay with her even if it was for a little while. She explained everything to Rebekah and Rebekah listened and comforted her as she spoke. Leah had stayed with Rebekah for a week now and Klaus had only called twice but she understood how he would be busy. She wondered what her husband would be doing now. Rebekah had taken Joy to the playground not far from their home and leah decided to stay home and do some cleaning. As she cleaned her phone began to ring. Not bothering to see who was calling she answered.

"Leah I'm half an hour from you I want to see you and Joy," Klaus spoke and she nodded. 

"Yes that's fine, Rebekah has just taken her to the playground for a stroll."

"Great I'll see you in a little while love."

"See you Nik, I missed you," she spoke and instead of talking to her he cut the call.  

She was being furious at him, yet she knew it was her fault since their last conversation ended with a fight. Which no doubt she started over something so small.

Rebekah had come back from her little walk with her niece and she walked in Joy in her arms with a large grin.

"Hey baby, mommy missed you," leah spoke to her daughter, taking her from Rebekah.

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