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"Have you finished wishing on stars?" Klaus mocks us playfully when we make it back inside.

The sight of him makes my heart skip a beat and I'm sure he notices because his hand reaches out to me as soon as it does. Grasping it tightly, I allow him to pull me towards him.

"I'm already content," I reply, but something nags at me the second I say it. "Except..."

Klaus nods once when my eyes travel to the far wall, "Yes, I noticed the extra witch. While this may also be your home, I must ask, is the extra company really necessary?"

"I heard that," Georgina scolds him as she enters the entryway.

"You were meant to."

"Is there something we can do for you, Georgina?" Adalynn asks, "I think we were all just headed off to bed. It's been a long day."

She looks around at the three of us, contemplating her response. Her pink and black matching pajama set—paired with a leopard print eye mask that is currently hanging around her beefy neck—sticks out like a sore thumb beside the elegant marble staircase she is leaning on. I want to comment about the overly grumpy look on her face, but she's already well on her way to criticize before I can think of anything to say.

"I've just come to let you know that we need to begin working soon if you expect me to stick around... in a vampire-infested house," she shoots a dangerous glance at Klaus as she says this. "I'll need access to a few things as well, but I'm sure it's all within your grasp."

She glances around at the elegant walls to insinuate our wealth. After everything that has happened in the last week, I want to scream at her about needing time away from all of this before we begin the spells, but it seems that Adalynn would rather avoid such confrontation.

"My mother has done more than enough for the time being, we'll allow her a decent night's rest for now," she sighs, shooting me a discrete look that warns me to control my anger. "Shall we?"

She gestures to the hallway leading back to Georgina's room and Adalynn continues distracting her as they go. I can see Klaus looking at me out of the corner of my eye but acknowledging my racing heart and completely understandable anger towards the bitchy witch would drain me of the little energy I have left.

"Shall we?" I ask instead, pulling him by our entwined hands towards his foyer.

His skepticism has not been completely forgotten, but he at least plays along. After everything, he owes me that much.

The fireplace has grown darker than preferred, so I spell a couple of logs to pile themselves on top of the coals. Moving to sit on the couch, I have to brush off a few pieces of broken glass from the cushion before I am able to sit.

Instead of sitting beside me like I had intended him to do, he grabs the case that sits on the table and casually starts packing it up. I don't notice his secrecy until I lean forward to reach for him, and he instinctively shifts his body to block what he's doing. Within seconds, my idea for a peaceful moment with him in a private place has been forgotten.

"Hiding things now, are we?" I question him, more sarcastic than anything.

"Ignorance is bliss." He replies, unintentionally capturing my attention.



"I know better than to think that you use idioms for the fun of them."

He takes the case and places it on the taller table by the fire, "I guess I've forgotten who I'm talking to. If you must know..."

I'm up and standing beside him before he can change his mind about showing me. As the briefcase clicks open, I feel the entirety of him still next to me in anticipation for my reaction.

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